While Chevy has been in the business of either reliving the nameplates of the past just like the new Impala, SS and Camaro, El Camino still lie in the wilderness. Fans of this part car, part pickup are hoping for its comeback. And while we are still on the long wait, here are some of this car’s secrets that you might want to know.

  1. Bill Clinton Had One. Bill Clinton, the 42nd president of the Unites States drove a 1970 El Camino. His car had a bed lined in Astroturf.


  1. GM Still Manufactures It: Holden, the GM’s Australian division, gave us two out of the last great cars to have the Pontiac Badge, the G8, and the final GTO. It was also the one responsible in manufacturing the very El Camino-like Holden Lite, regarded as a Chevy in the Middle East. Rumors have it that once the El Camino did made a comeback, it will be on the basis of this car.


  1. It Had A Forgotten Twin. The GMC division’s offering as an identical twin to the El Camino came under two names. It’s either you call it Sprint or Caballero; feel free to choose between the two. This offering was back in 1971-1987.


  1. Ford Beat Chevy To The Punch. Ford appears to always have the better idea first. Just like how Ford Mustang had beaten the Camaro to market, the Ford Bronco over the Blazer, and a lot more else where Ford’s offering was way better than that of Chevy’s. And it was still the same case when it came to the Ranchero. The Ranchero was the first post-war coupe utility to reach the market back in 1957.


What even more caught the public’s imagination is the flamboyant El Camino that was first launched way back 1959. It also outlasted the Ranchero as well. And, it remained in the market for the next eight model years.


  1. It Could Embarrass Some Real Performance Cars. Way back during the horsepower wars, El Camino was offered with some of the high-performance engine options from the muscle car Chevelle.


A select number of people actually ordered an El Camino with the very well-known LS6 option. It generated a 450-hp, 454-ci engine. It could proudly boast of its capacity to reach a quarter mile in about 13 second. This made the El Camino to make it through its peak back in 1970. And, the LS6 El Caminos were still among the most-sought cars by American Muscle car Collectors or enthusiasts.

Do you know some other unknown secrets by this famous El Camino?

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