In 1964, the first Mustang roamed the streets and since then, it became a household name. Who doesn’t know what a Mustang is? It became so popular during its original run and up to this day, this car was still one of the most desirable cars in history. Mustang’s fame didn’t just hit America, it also became a worldwide hit, even in South East Asia. The 1970 Ford Mustang Boss 302 was one of the most famous Mustangs of all time. Although it’s been a long time since they ruled the street and many of them were completely lost in time, a very rare restoration of a 1970 Boss was made in the Philippines.

The First Mustang 

1964 mustang

In the early ‘60s, Ford envisioned of creating a car that gives European design which can be sold at a reasonable price. To complete their objectives, Ford designed their concept car on a second generation Ford Falcon. J. Walter Thompson of Ford’s advertising agency was assigned to research the appropriate name and after doing some research, the word Mustang caught their attention.

They chose the word Mustang because it’s very American and they say that it has something to do with the excitement of an open space area.

The first generation Mustang became a huge success and it sold over 400,000 units. Its unexpected success led to the production of different versions of the car including the Bullitt, Mach 1, Shelby and Cobra. One of the most famous versions of Mustang was the 302.

Ford Mustang 302 And The Sports Car Club of America Trans-Am Series

1964 mustang

Larry Shinoda called the secret project “the Boss’s car” and he’s also the one who designed the car.

One of the top reasons for making this car was to compete in the Sports Car Club of America Trans-Am Series. To qualify their car, they needed to sell at least 500 of them.

Ford knew that their Mustang with 289 cubic-inch V-8 couldn’t keep up with the incredibly powerful Chevy Camaro z28 and its small block; that’s why they developed a 302-cubic inch to compete as well as to pass the homologation rules.

The new Ford Mustang came up with extraordinary results. Their project car produced 450hp and it accelerated from 0 to 100kph in just seven seconds.

The Mustang 302 was announced in 1969 and then released in 1970.

Only 1,628 units of that car are made during 1969 and 7,013 in 1970.

Restoring A Piece Of History

Ford Mustang 302 exterior

Eventually, the 302 Mustang won the coveted SCCA Trans Am championship and Classic Speed restored a classic 302 in the Philippines.

This 302 was formerly from Tennessee and it’s been sidelined since 1975. Classic Speed restored the car and they also gave it some modifications but they kept its original grabber orange since it was the winning color in 1970.

Ford Mustang 302 interior

Classic Speed’s intention of giving it a resto-mod treatment was to make it useful like an everyday car. They revamped the whole chassis and rebuilt the engine. They added a new fuel-injection system along with its new exhaust and stainless steel headers. This new-found configuration was enlivened with Tremec TKO 5-speed transmission with a Hurst shifter.

Ford Mustang 302 seats

The most interesting modification of this car was the left to right-hand drive alteration since it was heading to Australia. To emulate the handling of a modern car, the suspension was changed and they used the underpinnings from Total Control Products. They did a powered rack-and-pinion steering conversion and also, disc brakes from Wilwood are used. Classic Speed added air conditioning and did an amazing job for the full leather interior.

Ford Mustang 302 wheels

This Classic Speed’s restoration of a 1970 Mustang 302 cost 6.4 million pesos or $140,000.

Ford Mustang 302 stunning

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