This car was one of the last among the stylish and luxurious cars that roamed the streets during the late 1950s. This car was also part of GM’s economic move. Take a look at our review of 1959 Chevy Impala.

 The Bigger and Better Impala

red and white 59 CHEVY IMPALA

Characterized by its unusual outward fins, impressive engine with satisfying horsepower and luxurious extras, this 1959 model of Chevy Impala was more about styling and profiling. Also, this car focused on styling.

The new Impala is now lower, curvy, longer and wider and it was the last from GM designer Harley Earl before his retirement. This car also gained 11 more inches on its overall length because of the spare tire added to its back and as a result, a bigger 1959 Impala. It has signature taillights called “cat’s eyes” along with “bat wing” rear fenders and a huge deck lid while a number of chrome parts occupied the front end. The front grille is designed to keep the engine cool. Headlights are placed at each side of the vehicle.

50's chevy impala

It also had a huge cargo hold that can be occupied with a lot people and there are only few cars like that. One of those is a 1962 Cadillac Deville.

Overall, this car was not only long, it’s also wide and it rode on a wheelbase that is 1 1/2 inches longer than its predecessors. The ’59 Chevy Impala was also available in several body types including a 4-door sedan, 4-door hardtop, 2-door Sport Coupe and convertible.

The standard engine for the Chevy Impala was an I6 and the most powerful option for an engine was the 348 cu in with 315 hp. The production listed 490,000 units.

’59 CHEVY IMPALA sedan

Where does Impala Got Its Name?

Impala was an African antelope that was famous for its speed and it was initially introduced as a top-of-the-line Chevy Bel Air. During the process of making the redesigned second generation Chevy Impala, it shares it bodyshell along with the lower-end Buick’s, Oldsmobiles and Pontiac.

original chevy impala

A Standard Impala features a front-and-back armrest, dual sun sliding visors, an electric clock and crank operated front vent windows.

Don’t you think it has nine lives? It is one of the most successful selling cars in history, and this success carried over the next generations. Over 13 million Impala was sold.


Here are some of its specifications:


4-speed manual

Horsepower @ RPM:



Rochester two-barrel Model 7013003


3851.7 L

0-60 time:

9.4 sec.

Top Speed:

130 mph

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