This custom-built classic Mustang showcased the best of Eckert’s Rod and Custom in Molalla, Oregon has to offer.

Years ago, Terry Lipscomb envisioned building his project car. He also imagined of the details of its engine/rear transaxles, mid engine configurations and possible aluminum bodies. Materializing his project car was never an easy task and the odds of getting help from some professional were still the best option. Lipscomb remembered Dave Eckert’s shop. Though the shop was only suggested by a friend, Lipscomb and Eckert began brainstorming ideas with different concepts and they started their project in April 2009.

Since Lipscomb wanted to feel the mid ‘60s craze of driving a mid-engine Mustang, the concept of their project car was to use many original pieces of a ’69 Mustang as much as possible. They have windshield, backlight, roof, headlight buckets, front fenders, taillights, door skins, door handles and seat frames which are all original.

Body construction


Initially, it doesn’t matter where the engine would be. Lipscomb and Eckert settled with 5.4 liters of all-aluminum supercharged four-cam mod-motor that is paired with Ricardo 6-speed transaxle. They got it from a ’06 Ford GT and since the GT was an evolutionary successor of the original GT40 endurance racer, it’s pretty obvious now where the “forty” in its name came from.

That already impressive combination was enhanced with a 4-liter Whipplecharger and Motec engine management which produced a monstrous 720 hp after performing the necessary tune ups by Portland Speed Industries.

1969 FORD MUSTANG MACH 40  engine

Lipscomb was satisfied with the performance, he said that “it was absolutely outstanding and something Eckert’s-built cars are known for.”

External designing

Mach Forty was inspired by Lipscomb and to be able to materialize it, he turned to Mike Miernik to discuss the details. He let Miernick to create the detailed renderings with dozens of critical dimensions from driving positions to engine transaxle position. Mike Miernik’ also showcased his impressive skills in designing the custom billets wheels. It was originally made by Schott, and his idea was from the standard Mach 1’s original 14-inch styled sheets.

1969 FORD MUSTANG MACH 40 exterior

Colton Hardison along with a skilled build team is assigned to the extensive modifications of body and sheet metal while the fabrication of custom perimeter frame, floor pans and suspension are by Eckert’s. At this point, numerous people were already involved in this project and it’s pretty understandable that Lipscomb’s project car was not that easy to make.


The interior of Mach Forty resembles the comfortable atmosphere that you can find in a European Exotic yet it still possess parts of a ’69 Mustang including the classic twin hump/four-pod gauge configuration of the dash, the door panels and the customized seat frames. This amazing interior make over was made by Griffin Interiors. The results were praised by Lipscomb because it was comfortable. Thanks to the builders that pay a lot of attention to every little details that he give.

The finished product was incredible. Many people who already saw the car were not sure with what they are looking at but they’re sure that they are looking at something very special. We are sure that the appreciation for this Mach Forty will last for years or generations. 

gorgeous 1969 FORD MUSTANG MACH 40


Here are the detailed specifications of Mach Forty by Terry Lipscomb:


Ford GT 5.4-liter DOHC V-8

Aluminum cylinder block

Stock Forged steel crankshaft

Stock Manley connecting rods

Stock Mahle pistons

Stock camshaft

Stock aluminum cylinder heads, four valves per cylinder

Stock intake manifold with integrated water-to-air chare cooler

Whipple 4-liter supercharger

Return-style fuel system, dual Aeromotive pump, billet Fischer

Motorsports rails, 1,000 cc/min fuel injectors, custom aluminum fuel cell

Motec engine management system that is tuned by PSI


Stainless steel shortly headers

Custom stainless steel exhaust tubing


Ford/Ricardo 6-speed transaxle

Customs axle shafts that combine Ford GT (trans side) and C6 Corvette

(hub side) specifications

Stillen clutch


Front: Eckert’s Rod and Custom C6-Corvette-based suspension with QA1 coilovers, C6 aluminum front cradle, upper and lower control arms and rack and pinion steering.

Rear: Eckert’s custom billet aluminum cradle, billet aluminum upper and lower control arms based on C6 Corvette architecture, QA1 coilovers, custom 1.25-inch hollow tube/splined rear anti sway bar


Front: Baer disc, 14 –inch rotors, six piston calipers

Rear: Baer disc, 14-inch rotors, six piston calipers


Front: Schott custom billet aluminum 18×10

Rear: Schott custom billet aluminum19x11


Front: Michellin Pilot Sport P275/35ZR18

Brakes: Michellin Pilot Sport P325/30ZR19


Custom work by Eckert’s and Griffin Interiors of Bend, Oregon; suede and leather covered fiber glass dash and console; leather and carbon-fiber-backed buckets based on modified original Mach 1 seat frames; New Vintage gauges and Pioneer entertainment/nav system


Extensive metalwork by Colton Hardison of Hardison Metal Shaping, DeBeer basecoat/clear coat Silver paint, functional and retractable rear spoiler, functional rear break scoops with open/close shutters, stock ’69 SportsRoof front and rear gla

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