1956 Lincoln Continental MarkII

Scan any Lincoln classifieds or look into any books of such cars. You may think the Mark III and IV were the main cars the marque turned out in the mid Seventies. If we will base it from the sales figures, they almost were. Only 10,408 Continental cars were manufactured in 1972. While for Mark III cars, there were more than 45,000 units sold. That was a decent year for the Continental.

Marks did a little better compared to Continentals for 1972. It’s because Mark IV was new in the eyes of the public. Since the Continental was first launched in 1970, only a couple of minor changes were made. Both cars were not cheap but the Continental cost at around $7,000 in 1972. That is $1,500 less than the Mark IV.

1972 Lincoln ContinentalThis is the Lincoln car owned by Bob Blevins of Yuma, Arizona

The entire line was significantly surpassed by Cadillac, as it had always been. As Bob Blevins of Yuma, Arizona says “Every time a Continental Coupe sold, nine Coupe de Villes went out the door.” He is the owner of a Lincoln car right above. Even during 2009, the Mark IV was an attractive collectible, unlike the Lincoln which remained not in demand.

And, it is just hard to accept that.

lincoln continentals

This car has ultra-long hood and rear deck lid. You can also notice that it features a low greenhouse and recessed seating position in it. This is just enough to describe the car as beyond elegant. Furthermore, Lincoln has a typical subtle, complimentary color schemes.

If you are planning to buy a 1970-’74 Lincoln, it is most likely that your choice will be based on a car’s aesthetics, colors, and options. You should keep this in mind that on top of all the said considerations, the car’s condition should matter the most.

Generally, there’s only a few vintage Lincoln on the market. This is because these cars have been affected by the oil crisis during late 1970s.

If you are searching for a large luxurious cruising vehicle, only few cars can equal the Lincoln.


During that time, the engine in the Lincoln lineup was the V-8. For 1970-’71, the Continental V-8 produced a generous 360- hp. Also, there had been a change in the net rating and smog controls. The compression ratio has to be lowered from 10.1:1 to 8.5:1. That is why, its power rating dropped to only 212 hp back in 1972. Looking on the bright side, the engine can readily be used with regular gas rather than the premium.


The only transmission present throughout the run of Lincoln Continental cars was the Ford C6 3-speed automatic. This was already used in Lincolns way back 1966. It was also used among the Ford car and truck lineup during the 1990s. All parts can be found everywhere and all the transmission shop repairs on a regular basis. Also, they are very dependable and upgradable.

72 Lincoln


The two very alike rear differentials that were used in Continentals were a 9 1/2-inch through 1972, and the standard Ford 9-inch from 1972. The two of them were same 10-bolt units which could be confusing because of their same housings. The difference which sets the other apart was the “WGA” that is stamped on the 9 1/2.

The Ford 9-inch differential is the hot rodder’s choice for a single reason. This is because during normal driving, they are practically unbreakable.

Suspension And Brakes

There should only be minimal worries regarding the suspension. It’s a conventional independent front/solid axle rear design. There’s an anti-roll bar up front and transverse stabilizer in the rear. This helps make the big car corner to be relatively flat. One should be aware of the sagging coil springs though.

The necessary brakes were 11.72-inch front discs and 11-inch rear drums.

Wheels & Tires

Michelin radials were standard equipment, 225R-15 wide whites, or no-cost optional JR70-15, on conventional 15-inch steel wheels with a few optional wheel covers available.

lincoln convertible

From an Owner’s Point-of-View

Bob Blevins says that his Lincoln car boasts incredible power, a large trunk and a quiet ride. That’s why this is perfect for long trips. It is over 5,000 pounds and 19 feet long without the giant bumpers. He liked the dashboard, its interior and semi-fastback look and especially that the quality is great.

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