1929 Springfield Rolls-Royce

Vehicle Specifications

Chassis #                    S-293KR

Body #                        5606

Engine                         40/65 hp, cast-iron straight-6

Displacement           467.9 cu. in.

Bore                            4.3 in.

Stroke                         5.5 in.

Manufacturer Rolls-Royce Ltd.

Production                  2,269

Built at                        Springfield, Massachusets, and

                                       Long Island City, New York

Purchase Price           $17,840            

beautifuL 1929 Rolls-Royce

Clara Bow And Her Convertible Car

Today, we’re going back to the ’20s as we take a ride in this 1929 Rolls-Royce, owned by a sexy actress way back that time — Clara Bow.

Clara Bow is indeed an actress going places. Even every judge during the late February of 1927 says unanimously. The red-haired lady has a perky persona and hot pout and played a role of department store salesgirl in a romantic comedy show It. She shows sexiness in this image that’s why her audience can’t resist her charm.

Today, Ms. Bow still had fans who still admire her everlasting appeal. They will always remember the sexy charming actress while passing by the Owls Head Transportation Museum in the great state of Maine. In the museum is her Rolls-Royce Phantom I Derby Tourer in 1929. The car doesn’t fail to catch the attention of the patrons roaming around it.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom I portray a look of sweetheart bouquet that’s why it’s always referred to as a “valentine on wheels.” The elegant convertible has the right for the name as well. Why? To begin with, it has a cream-colored exterior and luxuriant, then it also has quilted red leather interior. And of course, it’s owned by the charming sexy actress of the ’20s. She rode this car around the Hollywood for fifteen years. Just like across the silver screens, she is always seen with a striking aura in Tinseltown streets. Who wouldn’t instantly feel a Valentine day after having a ride of such car, right?

gorgeous rolls-royce

Production years of Bow Rolls-Royce

The chassis for the Bow Rolls-Royce was built in Springfield, Massachusets after World War I. Thus, Rolls-Royce vehicles from that era were called “Springfield Rolls-Royce.” The manufacturing for these vehicles took almost a decade and came to a stop in 1931. It’s because of the lost demand for luxury cars during the Great Depression.

Springfield-built Rolls-Royce Phantoms began to be brought in 1927. In 1929, there were almost twenty Derby Tourers (model of the Bow Car) built by the Springfield plant. The Brewster of Long Island City, New York manufactured the body of the Bow car. It is a specialized company contracted to assemble chassis for US-made Rolls-Royce.

The Brewster is also responsible in adding car details such as mahogany running boards and pie-wedge-shaped doors. It consists of the Springfield chassis number S-293KR and Brewster Body number 5606, and comes in a factory price of $17,840 back in the time that a Ford Model A touring car is at approximately $550.

Clara Bow took delivery of her Rolls-Royce in Beverly Hills dating back December 15, 1930. She was 24 yrs. old back then. She was also known very well with her fascination over fast cars and was reported of quitting from the Hollywood Scene in pursuit of an open road.

I can’t get a car that will drive fast enough,” Bow says on a report.

1929 Derby Tourer

After quitting acting in 1933, she and her husband, actor Rex Bell just reserved the ICONIC Rolls-Royce during World War II. Later on, they gave it to their family physician. During 1951, P.M. Ingram of Coalinga, California was reported to have exchanged his Model J Duesenberg for the Bow car. After nine years, the Bow car was acquired by another Californian, Alton Walker. Sometime after 1973, Former IBM president, Tom Watson Jr. bought the car which he gifted to the Owls Head Transportation Museum in 1986.

Every vehicle in the said museum is evaluated. Assessment is under the guidance of Ground Vehicle Conservator Warren Kincaid. Dating back April 10, 2013, Kincaid amused the staff and volunteers by taking a ride of the Bow car around the museum’s vicinity. Even being not used for over two decades, the Bow car was an instant star. Even the audience in the museum appreciated its classic beauty back in that time.

This 1929 Springfield Rolls-Royce was marked in a top “Massachusetts Built” section. It was also the only automobile to symbolize the 1920s. It is also one beloved piece from the museum’s permanent collection.

Well, if you’re part of the museum, would you also love this classic ‘valentine on wheels’?

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