Fast and Furious 1970 Dodge Charger

You may remember this movie Fast and the Furious because it always features a handful of muscle cars of the modern day and of course, it also features some of the cars from the golden age era. One of the most recognizable cars that they always feature was the 1970 Dodge Charger.

Back in the first film, Dom (played by Vin diesel) has a parked car on his Garage that he’s afraid to drive, it was a 1970 Dodge Charger R/T.

70 dodge charger

First Generation

Originally released in 1966, the first generation Charger was characterized with its fast back body design and a four seat interior. The standard engine was a 318 cu in (5.2L) V-8 with three speed floor shifter and a handful of larger engines are also offered. This car became an instant hit. There are almost over 468 Chargers built with the 426 while the total production in 1966 has a total of 37,344 units.

1966 dodge charger

Second generation and R/T

Second generation charger

At the start of the second generation Chargers, the entire B-body was given a make over. Harvey J. Winn designed the new front and rear sheet metal. One of the most notable elements of the rear end was the “kick up” spoiler design while a “flying buttress” that was inspired by Pontiac GTO was added on the roof. The standard engine was the 318 cu in V-8 and it was eventually replaced with a 225 cu in.

A high performance package was introduced to the public. The R/T came with the standard 440 Magnum while the 426 Hemi was an available option. Chrysler came up with a cartoon bee campaign in 1968. The Coronet R/T, Super Bee, Dart GTS and Charger R/T obtain the bumble stripes. The stripes were red, black or white but customers can also remove it without an additional charge.

The sales were doubled. From less than 40,000 units for the 1966 model, the 1968 model gathered boosted sales with almost 95,000 units sold plus over 17,000 units for the Charger R/T’s.

Headlining for the 1969 model was the two different engine options and a lot of new modifications. For the exterior designs, a new grill was presented along with the longitudinal taillights. All of these redesigning ideas came from Harvey J. Winn. As for the engines, a 2-barrel with 290 HP and 4-barrel with 330 HP are available.

Charger in Television and Films

The Charger R/T was featured in various television series and films. The 1969 Charger got more popular when it was featured in the television series called the ‘Dukes of Hazard’ during its original airing from 1979 to 1985. The movie franchise Fast and the Furious featured various Chargers since its inception.


During the first movie, a 1970 Charger R/T was powered with the supercharged Chrysler 426 V-8 that has a marvelous 900 horsepower. It has a 9-71 Roots-style supercharger with chrome-plated plastic fastened to the hood. The butterflies do not usually open when you’re revving up the engine.

70 charger engine

Although it has a short appearance during the movie and eventually got destroyed, its role was extended when it got repaired during the Fast & Furious sequel. The original Charger from the first movie got reintroduced in the movie Fast Five.

dodge charger fast and furious

During Fast Five, the production team built six Chargers to perform all the stunts they need.

In the most recent Furious 7, two different Chargers were featured. One of those Chargers was an “Off Road” Dodge Charger R/T. It was a Pro-2 chassis with a Charger chassis on top while the other one was the original Charger from the first movie.

off road dodge charger

Fast and Furious 1970 Dodge Charger

As portrayed specifications*


Type: Supercharged Chrysler 426 Hemi V-8

Intae: BDS blower Intake

Injection: BDS Electronic Injection

Supercharger: BDS 9-71 Roots-style blower

Fuel: Sunoco Racing Fuel

Lubricant: Castrol


Transmission: Chrysler three-speed automatic

Converter: cone

Shifter: Winters

Driveshaft: general

Rear axle: Dana 60

Headers: Hedman

Mufflers: Flowmaster

Tubes: Morse 3-inch

Fuel pump: Holley

Hoses: Earl’s


Springs: Hotchkis

Shocks: Hotchkis


Type: Coy’s C-5

Front size: 18-by-8.0 inches

Rear size: 19-by-9.5 inches


Type: Continental sport contact

Front size: 255/45R18

Rear size: 285/50R18


Front and Rear: Wilwood disc


Seats: Beard

Belts: Dj safety

Cage and door panels: Matt Sweeney fabrication

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