The Chrysler 300

If you ask someone about Chrysler 300, they will probably think about the modern incarnation of the car. But for this article, we’re going to discuss the lustrous muscle car of the 50’s with rear fender fins and monstrous 392 cubic inch Hemi engine.

Development Of The Chrysler 300

It was late 1940s since Chrysler had been focusing on the development of a V-8 engine with hemispherical heads. This engine ends up powering luxury cars like New Yorker and it became the standard equipment on Chrysler’s Imperial line.

As the years passed by, the evolution of the engine progressed until it reached a capability of producing a reliable amount of power. Its developers were surprised because it goes beyond their expectations. This engine managed to produce more than 1 HP per cubic inch.

The only thing that’s missing back then was the perfect light sporty vehicle to carry this engine. But because of the lack of funds, instead of designing a new vehicle, they used remaining materials. In 1955, different parts from other automobiles like Imperial, Windsor and New Yorker were combined and the result was the first Chrysler 300. The 300 in its name symbolizes its horsepower although with two 4 barrel carburetors, it can produce more than 300.

Chrysler 300

What Do The Letters After 300 Represent?

Many people back then believe that the letters after the 300 corresponds to its carburetors, as 300A was a two barrel carburetors, 300B had a four barrel carburetors while the 300C had two four barrels. This information was not even close to what those letters really mean.

Its real meaning was: it’s the year when it was released. For example, 300 were the models released in 1955, 300A for the model in 1956 and in the second generation, they used 300C. Other than the year, it’s also used to determine its engine. The 1958 Chrysler 300D produced a staggering 380 HP.

It was also the year when they tested a fuel injection into a car. The vehicle recorded 157 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The traditional naming of the car ends in 300L, but Chrysler brought it back in 1871 using the rebadged Corboda.

Chrysler 300L

Collectible 300 Letter Series Cars

Many people chose the Chrysler 300C as their favorite not only because it has rear tail fins, but because of its interesting 50s style gimmicks like the push button shifter. Cars like this with a pair of 392 Hemi and four barrels can cost around $50,000 up to $75,000. This model was produced in small amount and the rarest collectible model was the 1963 300J with only 400 units produced.

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