56 Chevrolet Two Ten

How Chevy Is Known

Throughout the years, history has recorded various stories behind cars, from custom-made cars or even those original base models. There were also racing events where different stories have been told. There also came urban stories of unity and hope from members of families which brought them closer to attain the dream car they long for many years. Not to mention that there were many automakers which have their own versions of success as well.

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For now, we have a list of 5 moments from the years of the famous Chevrolet automaker. We don’t assure that these were the most remarkable but maybe just even close. We could say that this list is living evidence behind the story of Chevrolet.

  1. Zora’s wild ride

1956 Chevrolet Two Ten


Way back 1956, Zora-Arkus Duntov, the father of the Corvette, accepted the challenge of racing a model which is yet to be launched to the public. He raced it in the annual Pikes Peak Hill Climb. He made his way through the misleading course in full camouflage during the race.

He ended up not just winning the race but he was also able to make another record. Thus, this made Chevy a hot icon into the postwar performance spotlight. According to, 17 minutes, 24.05 seconds is the new Sedan class record by more than 2 minutes.

56 Chevrolet Two Ten

This 1956 Chevrolet Two Ten is made of a 265 Small-block V8, 3 speed manual and no roll-cage.

  1. The Chaparral Can Ams

Chaparral Can Ams 


Back in 1964, Jim Hall, with the assistance of Chevrolet Research and Development, surprised rare-accredited bodies when he made a major change in the motorsport world. He was the man behind the inventive style, integrating high mounted wings, movable aero packages, fans and more.

That is why he became leading in the Can Am circuit. His victory did not end there yet. He also won over the USSR Championships in 1964, the 12 Hours of Sebring in 1965, and the Nurburgring 1,000-kilometer in 1966. He also made a stunning 1-2 finish at Laguna Seca.

This is one remarkable moment which created the Chaparral spirit and will always stay in every Cruze Eco.

  1. Impala meets Daytona

1959 chevy impala


The now-legendary Impala made its first-ever win in its first-ever race on February 20. Led by Bob Welborn’s reliable hand and lead foot, the checkered flag became a trend of Daytona dominance for Chevrolet which still exists till today.

This well-known Impala in 1957 was first launched as a 1958 model. Later on, drivers used it for racing on the beach of Daytona, and to the Daytona International Speedway in 1959. After its first triumph in the 1959 Daytona 500, Impala remained victorious with consecutive NASCAR championship titles in 1960 (Rex White) and again in 1961 (Ned Jarrett).

58 impala

  1. Mr. Corvette reaches France

 1911 chevrolet


Back in the time when there had been an unofficial ban on factory racing, the famous sportsman Briggs Cunningham launched the Corvette to the continent. During its international launch, Corvette stood out in the “Big Bore” GT category, and it was the first-ever Chevrolet history at Le Mans — a winning tradition proudly sustained to date.

This Chevrolet boasts its vented hood, racing number plate, blue headlight covers, and yellow fog lights on the car. Furthermore, this is an unusual racing version of this car.

racing corvette

Indeed, this is a historic race car. Today, it was in possession of a privileged car collector and Beverly Hills resident Bruce Meyer.

If you are still interested of knowing more about this legend car, you can watch its stunning historic documentary film below and be informed of the adventures of Briggs & Cunningham Corvette team at Le mans. There is also a past footage of this specific #2 Corvette. Please note that this video is 30 minutes long.

  1. The race where it all started

1911 chevrolet


As told by legends, William “Billy” Durant, the founder of General Motors, asked Louis Chevrolet and his younger brother Arthur to race, in honor of being his personal chauffeur. Louis, being an already international racing sensation easily declined it.

Surprised with Louis, Billy turned the prized job to Arthur right on the spot. In the end, Louis still won. In a matter of short years, with Billy’s support, the first ever Chevrolet was born.

The Chevrolet Motor Company was first launched in 1911. It actually began in a Flint garage as a joint venture between Louis Chevrolet and William Durant, the founder of General Motors. The premium car Classic Six was the first ever Chevrolet which cost $2,500.

louis chevrolet

“Never give up,” is Louis Chevrolet’s motto since then. That’s why even William Durant never gave up when the Classic Six didn’t earn a profit. Years passed and Chevrolet finally became part of the GM family in 1917 known to be the automaker’s cheap brand.

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