If you think that this 1979 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Coupe was lame, then you better think again. In fact, it’s even one of the best-looking Chevrolets from the ’70s era. We better let this classic Chevrolet speak for itself. Ride on!

This Chevrolet Caprice will surely earn favor from a typical American customer. Thus, this is something one shouldn’t compare against a Porsche 928 or a Pontiac Fiero. If you aren’t American, then let’s just get to know this car. Who knows? You might get a liking towards it as you go all throughout this page.


Back in the fall of 1976, the full-sized General Motor cars were really downsized. It became smaller but had no alterations in its interior dimensions.

You could observe the conservative styling of this car, found to be with sharp edges and a minimum of surface texture and bright-work.

This style stopped in its production after three years, but soon changed the distinct wraparound style in 1980 into a more formal, and cost-effective style.


This Chevrolet Caprice has its roots coming from a collector’s estate that is in possession of a lot of low mileage cars. It only has 4,493 original miles. This 2-door car was the last in the list which sported the distinct wrap-a-round rear window. It has the 305ci V-8 with an automatic transmission and a considerable amount of torque. This vehicle is purely original, starting from its paint, to its interiors and down to its chrome.

This red cloth interior seems like it’s just brand new. It even has the seat belt instructions found in the passenger side visor. In addition, the headliner is still in its outstanding condition. However, the tires were changed after having flat spots.


During a ride, this vehicle run like it’s just having a first test drive. Moreover, all equipments and options are in good condition such as the cold air conditioning in it.

This Chevrolet Capric brag its features such as wire wheels, power steering, power brakes, power door locks, rear defroster, AM/FM Radio and a drivers side remote mirror. Its original owner’s manual is also kept inside as well.

Let us again have one more last look in the interior. This vehicle offers manually operated windows which could have an optional ‘power door locks.’ Back in its time, one has to request for options individually, and couldn’t be available in ‘packages.’

This vehicle is a product of General Motors’ work way back the late ’70s and mid-80s. Although it’s not that electrifying like a sports car, these late ‘Malaise’ automobiles still had their own set of offering to its owners and fans. This car even had a bid of $7,100 as of this writing. Further sales information is still unknown.

Well, were you even impressed a little by this particular vehicle? Or would you dare say it’s a waste of time to consider?

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