1969 Mercury Cyclone

Name: 1969 Mercury Cyclone  351 4V V-8 Select-Shift Automatic

Year(s) Produced: 1968-1969

Number Built: 5,882

Class: Muscle car

Body Type: 2-door fastback coupe

Engine: 351.9 cui Ford Windsor 351W V-8

Power: 290hp @ 4800rpm

0-60mph: 7.4 seconds

Top Speed: 124 mph

Transmission: 3-speed automatic

Length/width/height: 203.2 in./ 76 in./ 52.6 in.

Wheelbase: 116 in.

Base Price:  US$2,754 (NADA)

Highest Price: US$24,400 (Hagerty)

Alexander Brevik from Norway can still remember how much he is into cars when he was just a kid. “I started with cars when I was a little boy, with my uncle and my father which have always been into cars. I don’t have a special car, but I always watch car shows and I also like to go to scrap yards. I also have my collection of miniature cars when I was younger, Alex say. “I made my mind up when I was a kid, that I have to work with cars, nothing else…I can’t do anything else.”

1969 Mercury Cyclone headlights

Alex is into project cars and he admits that much of it is taking a lot of space already. “The problem of having so much cars and, so much project cars is that I don’t have enough space so I really spread them until I can buy a bigger space for myself… but I know that even if I have bigger place, the more cars I’ll probably get,” Alex says problematically. His collection of cars includes three Ford Scorpios, one Ford Cortina, one Ford Granada, and his personal favorite a 1969 Mercury Cyclone. He says that the Cyclone is his car for driving, and that doesn’t come as a surprise since Alex isn’t your typical auto enthusiast – most of the cars that he owns are project cars that are still works in progress. “I really like fixing the cars more than driving,” he says.

69 Mercury Cyclone

Alex admits that it’s not easy to dive into his hobby. There are times when he gets so bored working with a rusted car, or in a particular build, he will find solace in the one car that never fails him. “The one good thing about the Cyclone is when I get bored of working on my cars I can always drive that, because that’s in good shape. I don’t have to work on it quite often,” he explains.

1969 Mercury Cyclone  interior

His Mercury Cyclone has 351 engine and 3 speed Ford FMX automatic transmission. Though it seems to come as a standard build straight from the factory, Alex gave it a different set of shocks and springs, and a much larger BF Goodrich Radial T/A racing wheels. The Cyclone was restored in the US back in 2000 so the paint, upholstery and everything is in good order. “So you just get in, sit down, start up and don’t think of anything else,” Alex explained. He also admits that buying the Cyclone in such good shape served him well. “I bought the Cyclone because at that point I was fed up with some work, and I have this so much rust repair with the rest of my cars so I need some time off,” Alex confessed. “I need a car that is drivable and in good condition and this car is the choice”.

1969 Mercury Cyclone  exterior

The undeniable beauty of Norway’s country roads and scenery are enough to refresh one’s mind. However for Alex, it is the actual driving that matters. “I like to drive my cars around country roads, though I really don’t mind the scenery. It’s the driving effort that really matters to me,” Alex says.

“I know it’ll take me from A to B, and wherever I want to go,” Alex speaks with such confidence about his daily driver. So if you happen to be in Norway and you stumble upon this maroon colored 1969 Cyclone, chances are, you might see Alexander Brevik behind the wheel either running errands for one of his project cars, or taking a break from his otherwise nerve-wracking hobby. Watch this video of him and his Mercury Cyclone courtesy of



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