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Great barn finds are always a source of delightful surprise because one can’t claim that he or she has seen everything under the sun as far as these abandoned gems are concerned. If you’re in the classic car hobby (or business depending on how you look at it) for a good amount of time, you have this unconscious notion that nothing may surprise you anymore.

But this seller’s ads which we stumbled upon on eBay, may change may somehow change that. What you’re seeing here is a 1950 Chevrolet cab over engine (COE) truck, coupled to a car carrier trailer that is loaded up and complete with four – yes four – rusty 1956 Chevy passenger cars. The ad which was posted last Friday claims to hail from Wilson in North Carolina. The seller’s sales pitch encourages prospective buyer to consider its potential for attracting business or simply as a rusted yard art. He may have a point there.

1950 chevrolet cab

For those in the county planning and zoning commission, these barn find may be easily dismissed as just an unsightly collection of rust buckets, for the seasoned motor head this is a treasure trove of a find that can’t easily be dismissed. If there is any way for this exhibit to go rolling down a car show, it will definitely take the spot light from dazzling chrome.

The seller’s eBay add declares the details of this find:

What you are bidding on. 1950 Chevrolet car carrier with four cars.

One (1) 1950 Chevrolet COE, rusty but could be restored or customized for the Professional builder.  No title.

One (1) 1949 Whitehead and Kales four car carrier. Rusty but can be restored. This trailer has a title.

Four (4) 1956 Chevorlets. One of the Chevy’s is a two door post. One of the Chevy’s is a four door hardtop. The other two Chevys are four door post cars. All of the cars in my opinion are good for parts only. They have the engines and interior with some trim and glass. These four ’56 Chevys are extremely rusted in the floors, trunk and bottom 6″ of most outer panels. None of the 1956 Chevys have titles.

 Once again, 1 truck, 1 trailer, 4 cars

 You will have to move this set up on a Landoll trailer with top two cars taken off. Which means you will have two cars and the COE on another trailer. It’s my opinion that this setup is great for drawing attention to your business and /or in yard, flower bed for the ultimate yard art. It would cost more to restore than it would be worth.

This is Located in Wilson NC,27893

PLEASE check zoning /laws that may apply to where you place this if you purchase.

super barn findbest barn find ever

Though the seller goes on to say that the cars are complete with all of the bare essentials such as the engines, transmissions and some trim parts but they’re in such rough condition that in his ‘expert’ opinion will be more costly to restore. Well, with a price tag of $15,000 for a potential ‘yard art’ that is already taking a hefty amount already. A quick Math will point out the obvious: each piece of this barn find costs $2,500.

what a barn find

The eBay posting may not have revealed exactly what happened to these cars and how they ended up in such a unique situation. But one thing is crystal: it will sure be great to see these cars back in their golden days.

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You may check out the entire eBay ad through the link below.

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