1930 lovely HUDSON HORNET

If you were the owner of this incredible custom car featured right here, would you even think of selling this beauty at an auction?  (you might as it’s worth a fortune!!) This photo was posted on Engine Swap Depot. This one-off twin engine 1930 Hudson Hornet was actually held for auction on eBay just recently.

The bid ended already though. One thing was most probably, the owner finally realized it was rather not a good idea selling it.  Well anyway, our business actually here is to get to know this twin engine car.


This particular Hudson Hornet was just so fascinating and one-of-a-kind. After giving it superb attention to details, not to mention its incomparable craftsmanship, everyone will probably claim that a team of well-trained engineers were responsible in building it.


Unbelievable this may be, but only one person was the master behind this incredible custom car. It turns out that this was a dream-turned-to-reality. This was a fully-accomplished build. Thus, it is fully functioning, powered by its dual 468 cubic-inch Chevy Big-Block V8. This is also built with Holley hydraulic camshafts, 454 steel heads, dual 600 CFS carburetors, and dual 671 GMC blowers. All these contained in just a single car! This in turn generated this car a torque amount of 1,600 horsepower…

Bearing that much power, this Hudson Hornet is powered by two Turbo-Hydramatic 400 transmissions along with custom shift kits. The master builder of this custom car must be someone to admire( big time); the fact that he finished this car consisting of two of everything!

gorgeous 1930 HUDSON HORNET

It was almost unrealistic to think that onto just one chassis, there lays an engine almost the size of 1,000 cubic-inches. Furthermore, this Hudson Hornet functions with four MSD distributors, dual master cylinders, and dual 9-inch Ford rear ends with Eaton Detroit Lockers.

There are no mechanical faults found in this rod as well. Moreover, it could be used with normal fuel from local gas stations. The body of the Hudson was detached off the frame and went through colossal fabrications.

The roof of the Hudson was first chopped 3-inches before it was stretched 13-inched wide. The rear wheel housing was made customized that it could make room for the dual rear-end. Thus, this is to allow the support for both motors. The front fenders, on the other hand, belonged to a 1927 Ford Model T. The rear wheel housing, to mention, is measured seven feet and four inches.

hudson hornet

The rear was installed with 1959 Cadillac taillights which greatly emphasized the striking flares of the huge rear wheel housing. The Centerline Bottle cap rear wheels were of both 15-inches in its diameter and in its width. A pair of Rocker Gasser rims makes the front with a size totalling to 15-inches in diameter while 4.5 inches in width.

At night, this Hudson Hornet transforms to a total different look, all because of the effect made by the custom LED lighting on it. Actually, the lighting was all around the car, down from the bottom of the Hudson, even to the interior, front grille, and intertwined in between both motors.

customization 1930 HUDSON HORNET

The customization for this 1930 Hudson Hornet was finished in the summer of 2015. The car has less than one hundred miles on the odometer.

Whoever now has the hold of this classic beauty, he or she is one lucky person. Let’s just highly hope that they have a great appreciation and value for this distinct and ultimate 1930 Hudson Hornet.

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