I am browsing for an interesting Mercury Monarch feature and what came to my search was this beyond extraordinary modification of a Monarch. It was really astonishing especially after I have read al the details about it.

I thought you guys would really be thankful to see this as well. So, without much further ado, enjoy feasting.

The muscle car we’re featuring is in possession of Mark Henry and it’s a 1947 Mercury Monarch. It is indeed to be one-of-a-kind because it was modified with all the possibilities it could ever have.

This Monarch has a smooth finish and is curvaceous from front to rear.


A Mad Scientist

The owner admits how lucky he was to possess his Monarch. Since day 1, all the possibilities for this car have stayed pictured into his mind. And, he had never cease liking the body syle ever since he’s young.

Sir Henry narrated that the customization period for this kustom ’47 lasted till 5 years, and it’s more than 5,000 hours of labor. He was knowledgeable of his desired design and made use of 27 various car makes and models before he came up with this final product. The kustom cars are rare nowadays since these cars are so costly to manufacture. “With 5,000 man hours put into the car, you do the math — it’s not cheap,” Sir Mark concludes.


Sir Mark had always pictured out the Monarch to be an image of vintage and originality. He wanted to stand out from the usual and traditional styling today, commonly performed way back 1950s.

“Coming up with something unique was difficult and that was the true challenge.” — Mark Henry

Despite the difficulty that he has to go through, Sir Mark pulled it off. The final kustom was a triumph and he managed to achieve his goal to make it the center of attraction among other car modifications/customizations. His team actually claims that they attained their goal. They managed to create the first of the resulting hood ornament while turning the rear to a 3-window. “It looked out of proportion so we extended the doors four inches and suicided the doors, giving us a new aspect.”

beautiful 47 MERCURY MONARCH

George Barris and Gene Winfield were the inspiration behind Sir Mark’s sudden interest into the kustom rod scene. He especially salutes them for their traditional design and vision. George Barris is well-known for being responsible behind the make of some Hollywood cars. One of which is the Batmobile.

You can observe very well that this kustom Monarch is simple. Clean, and in immaculate shape.

According to Sir Mark, the Mercury Monarch was greatly influenced by Cadillac. He preferably likes its decking, clusters, and the vision behind it.

Now, let’s be more detailed in the make of this awesome car.

Creating the Dream

This featured Monarch was indeed a timeless classic. Sir Mark continually shares us more about the awesome particular parts of this beauty. To start off, the front bumper bore a 1953 Kaiser while the rear has a 1953 Lincoln.

If not observed critically, it would be hard to figure out whether the front is the real rear bumper.

In addition, the bumpers were reverse lifted and sectioned. Ironically, Henry actually pointed out that the front bumper is a rear while the rear is a front. Hardly anyone can tell the difference. Only Sir Mark could tell that for sure.

The other parts of this Monarch are a ’48 Cadillac grille, ’48 DeSoto tops, Model T headlights, and 1953 frenched headlights. Thus, the car consists of a total of 7-8 different spotlights.

If there are headlights, there will also be taillights! Renowned automotive customizer Gene Winfield is the man behind the special set of taillights installed on the Monarch. “Everything is hidden and smooth, the Monarch came out really nice,” Sir Gene said.

interior 1947 MERCURY MONARCH

According to Sir Mark, the hardest challenge they faced during build was by suiciding the doors. “It was difficult getting them to be right since we had to have the right gapping and opening,” he said. “We ended up re doing the doors a second time due to problems using heat, which warped the doors. It’s not just outside the doors, but also inside the doors. The more you chop a car, the tougher the angle is. It’s like tuning a watch,” he explained.

Every car collector will also highly appreciate the interiors of this Monarch. The interior actually came from a 1967 Ford Thunderbird. What’s even more surprising? The dashboard was from a 1951 Ford! Altogether, this just adds up to the originality of this particular car.


The list of its marvelous car parts doesn’t end there yet. There were still even a lot of various pieces inside it. This just made this extraordinary car get all the attention it could.

This Monarch is powered by a 300 horsepower V8 engine. The Camaro rear-end also aids in powering up to the pavement, and everything is chromed our under the hood.

The engine in the Monarch was detailed unlike during ’50s that engines were not detailed. Moreover, its described as “subtle and quiet, not loud and obnoxious.”

A year to remember

 The Monarch was finished building during 2011. Sir Mark was indeed more than satisfied seeing the final output.

“I’m most proud of the overall outcome,” he said. “I drove it up to Sacramento for the Autorama in 2011. Everyone else brought theirs up in trailers.”

The detail built of this Mercury Monarch is just simply impressive.


There were just minor problems when it comes to Sir Mark’s driving on his way to Sacramento. The issues involved the gas tank and driveshaft but overall, the owner still had fun.

Sir Mark has already used his Monarch to drive to some events when it was finally through in 2011. Thus, in the Grand National Roadsters Show, Sir Mark and his kustom brought home top honors with the Sam Barris Memorial Award. It even made among the top 12 finalists at the Sacramento Autorama during the same year too.

This Mercury Monarch also won Custom of the Year in the Goodguys Del Mar Nationals near the sunny shores of Southern California. Lastly, it also won the Barris Award for best customization.

Henry desires to keep his Mercury Monarch though, far from attention.

“We hide the car to a degree because we don’t want to give it too much exposure,” he stated. “It’s got classic and timeless lines that shouldn’t be seen so often.”

To date, Sir Mark has actually no future plans for his Mercury Monarch as he emphasized that less is more. “I got a badge from getting this car into the custom hall of fame in Sacramento,” he said. “However, I can’t find a place for it without it ruining the look of the car,” were his last statements.

This one-of-a-kind Mercury Monarch was truly something that anyone should not just ignore.

Observing it all

Considering all the facts regarding this ’47 Mercury Monarch, it was a really impressive built especially being comprised of various parts from other car models.

“It has the whole gamut,” Sir Mark said. “From brakes to clutch, it has it all.”

If you were inspired by this very much astonishing custom-built, Sir Mark’s advice was:

“Everyone needs to read, you can’t know everything yourself,” he said. “I have over 1,000 magazines at my house. That’s where all my ideas and inspirations stem from.”

Seeing this priceless beauty, surely this beyond-extraordinary car by Sir Mark, the ’47 Mercury Monarch, is a priceless treasure for every car collector all around the globe.

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