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A fine classic muscle car launched in 1968, HK Monaro was a huge achievement for Holden. They originally released it as a hardtop two-door coupe and were available in three different models, Monaro base model, Monaro GTS and Monaro GTS 327. Customers can order the car with the almighty 327 cubic-inch small block Chevrolet engine. It was manufactured from 1968 up to 1977 and it had a little bit of short rebirth during 2000.

the holden monaro

HK Monaro was originally designed by Peter Nankervis in 1964. They choose Monaro as its final name, it was named after a region in New South Wales, Australia.

Though it was uniquely designed by Holden, it featured designs drawn from the Camaro, Corvair and Nova coupes of the 1960’s. The revamped 1969 model named HT Monaro packed with 350 Chev V-8 served as Holden’s primary car in Series Production racing and was a straight answer for the Ford XW Falcon GTHO Phase I which was powered by the 351 Windsor V-8 engines. The automatic version of the GTS 350 used a slower 350 engine and in the late run of the HT model, a newly constructed 3-speed automatic transmission called the Trimatic was offered as an option but it was not available for GTS 350.

HG Monaro

On 1970, an upgraded Monaro called HG Monaro was introduced with only a few fine changes to the trim. They also made development in braking performance. GTS 350 models are characterized with black paint fill, black-out paint on rocker panels, gutsier decals on fender, new sidewinder stripes and bonnet scoop blackouts.

HQ 1971 holden monaro

The debut of a new body design was started with the second generation HQ Monaro in 1971, featuring four headlights and chrome trim rings taken from the Holden Premier sedan. Six-cylinder versions of the Monaro GTS are no longer available just the locally manufactured 4.2 L (253 cu in) or the optional 5.0 L V-8’s. It was slightly less performance-oriented model because the factory team was developing the Holden Torana at the same time.

hj monaro

In 1974, the body used in the previous HQ model was carried over to the next HJ Monaro but it has new front sheet metal as well as the cowl, dashboard and interior design. This was also the first time that Monaro could use different front and rear spoilers. There are very few HJ Monaro GTS coupe, only 337 units are manufactured making it the rarest regular production made in Australia.

hx monaro

In 1976, HX Monaro was released. It was somewhat distinguishable, with the liberal splashes of black paint outs contrasted against a range of bold body colors. The practical four door sedan is more favorable rather than the two door coupe so the remaining stock of coupe was released a limited edition Monaro coupe.

hz monaro

The HZ Monaro GTS released in 1976. It was only available in sedan form and actually is not a Monaro anymore; its official name was Holden GTS sedan. It has a four headlight grille, front and rear air dams, four wheel disc breaks, sports wheels and a 4.2 liter V-8 engine as standard equipment.

After manufacturing an estimated 1,400 units, the production ended in December 1978.

Monaro was one of the famous foreign muscle car that roamed the planet.

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