Ford Maverick

Ford released their own edition of a small car with large engine in 1971, and they called it the Maverick. This car was powered by a 302 CID small block V-8.

Ford Maverick was a well-designed high-quality car made by the famous car manufacturer Ford. This is a perfect example for a good American automobile. In fact, this car was one of the most successfully marketed vehicles.

During the early years of its original release, the Maverick was offered on a two door version but in 1971, Ford offered additional options like a four-door model and on 1972, they gave us a luxury package. The first generation also had frame construction and the unbending connection of the forward bridge.

1971 Ford Maverick

Unlike any other cars, Maverick didn’t have changes when it comes to appearance. The model looked the same until it reached the end of its own production line but the car is beautiful in its own sense. With the deluxe wheel covers, vinyl top, reclining bucket seats and plush carpeting, Maverick sets new standards for comfort and design.

This car was one of the most successfully marketed vehicles. Ford did a marvelous job of advertising it. Because of the growing number of those mechanically-minded customers, selling a simple car that is simple to repair is somewhat quite easy. You can even complete a regular maintenance in you own garage. They also made sales flyers promoting that the car was so easy to use.

While Ford Maverick is hard to be considered as a car to keep, there are several models that may catch somebody’s attention. The 1971 model was powered by one of the greatest car engine ever built, the 302 CID small-block V-8 with an amusing250 HP. But because of the forthcoming gas crisis, the production of units dropped as the end of the muscle car era comes to a close.

gorgeous ford maverick

Also, the 1972 Sprint model Maverick looked interesting since this car was painted in red, white and blue scheme to honor the Americans who are competing in the upcoming Olympics of that year. An American flag emblem was placed onto the rear quarter panel while a blue Olympic tie-in was available on the 1972 Mustang and Pinto subcompact cars.

Ford decided to replace Maverick with the Granada model in 1975 but the manufacturing of this car continued until 1975.

I hope you enjoyed reading. You don’t regularly see this car on any car show but maybe someday, someone will finally appreciate this car and perhaps became a collectible.

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