My Pham (My is his first name), a resident from Seattle manufactured Hondas during his younger years. His dad let him see how to work on cars when he was 15. His friends eventually began bringing their cars over and then, he would always help out in working on them. He experienced working on Hondas, muscle cars and whatever car his hands can work on. His real passion was for low-rider; and his passion for them began back when he first saw a low-rider in front of his high school. Since then, he has always imagined himself working on a low rider but it never came to him but eventually, he had a deal with a member of Eazy Duz It. He bought a Chevy Impala ’64 in pieces but without interior or motor.

Since the time he bought the ’64, a baby girl was also coming in their family’s way. Time became a major factor while building his car and playing the role of a father. He had to wake up early and work up late. He wanted the car built on a specific time, and good thing that he made it.


He started building the Impala from scratch since it was bought in pieces. Having only little knowledge regarding Classic Chevys, he referred to a club member’s ’64 to learn the location of each piece. Chavo also assisted him in building the bodywork. While Simon Chan sprayed it with Corona Cream paint before finally striped by Chavo of Arizona. The one who installed the interior kit was Amos Upholstery from Arizona. The Pesco setup equipped by co-club member Keo Sanh was the 1964’s main feature. With the sophisticated OG look that the ’64 actually has, Sanh stated that he desired to incorporate what’s the best fit in it.

Looking at the car in whole was really a momentous thing for Mr. Pham especially when the Pesco setup ended up working. Building his car made his family and friends unite together and that was even more unforgettable for him as he recalls it from the past.

Probably, not everyone would be in favor of the fact that Mr. Pham used a considerable time in building his car rather than watching his newborn child. But for him, this was something he dedicated for his daughter so that in time, they could both share memories together while riding the car. He indicated her name in the car’s dash so that every time he drives it, he would feel they were still just together. Definitely, this low-rider will not be his last car. He even intends to build a lot more of this in his lifetime; especially now that he got to finish his own one of a kind Chevy Impala.


Vehicle Nickname:      Sun Break 64

Owner:                        My Pham



350 crate motor with Tuff Stuff chrome alternator, March Performance brackets, Hooker Headers, Edelbrock carb, Edelbrock intake, SBC double-finned oval air filter, SBC finned valve covers, aluminum radiator, and a red-top Optima battery.



Ciadella interior kit


Retrosound head unit, Alpine mids, and Phoenix Gold amps


PPG Corona Cream


The suspension received a reinforced Toyota rearend, 1.5-inch extended A-arms, Y-bone, partial frame reinforcement, and disc brake conversion before Keo Sanh installed the four Pesco aircraft pumps, four Adex, eight Accumax solenoids, 8-inch front/14-inch rear cylinders, and six deep cycle batteries.


72-spoke 13×7 Daytons with Premium Sportway 5.20s

beautiful '64 CHEVROLET IMPALA

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