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Oldsmobile Muscle Cars

Oldsmobile showcased nothing but their best and earned the spotlight in the late 40’s. Americans loved the rocket eighty-eight when it was launched in 1949. The car inspired the first rock ‘n roll songs in early 1950’s. You can almost find this car at popular sock shops’ drive-in restaurants and outdoor movie theaters. In the mid 50’s, it had a head-to-head rival with Chevrolet’s tri five.

Launching the Oldsmobile 442

In the last quarter of 1964, they launched $300 option package for 442. It was for the consumer-friendly model.

Their goal was to compete with more successful Pontiac GTO. A big spread bore four barrel carburetor, Muncie four-speed transmission and dual exhaust appear to be intended definition for the first year, almost 3000 automobiles that carried their 310 HP police car engine were built in 1964. The soft riding Cutlass’ poor handling characteristics were solved by the utilized police pursuit suspension package.

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Their upgrades include stiffer strings, heavy duty shocks, large diameter sway bars and additional frame bracing. Niceties, on the other hand, include AM/FM radio, electric trunk release and a tilt-the-wheel option. The results were a fun-to-drive well-balanced machine.

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Because of the late start, they only manufactured limited units for the 1964 442. General Motors allowed Oldsmobile to use a bigger machine in the Cutlass. What changed the dynamics of these automobiles? The Rocket 400 CID made a difference along with the long stroke 6.6L it produced, a 345 more horsepower and 400 foot-pounds jump in torque. It’s the year that the 442 moniker gets confusing.

The company changed definition of the first four to represent the engine displacement in cubic inches instead of a four-speed transmission. Those changes made sense in 1965 because the transmission options have changed very much over the first year production cars. The company’s reliable automatics were heavily favored by the General Motors customers.

You could order an automatic transmission with a bench seat and column shifter in 1965. This allowed car owners to carry another passenger. They also made an offer for the customers to choose between three-speed and four-speed transmission with the additional Hurst performance shifter.

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Second Generation Oldsmobile 442

The second generation made history in 1968, the models distanced from the Cutlass. Additional options had additional cost of course; they had a Ram air and W30 high-performance option and Hurst Olds performance package from the first year of their partnership.

There are almost 500 units with the new and improved 390 HP CID high-output V-8 engines built. These H.O versions of the second generation 442 were able to beat the standing quarter-mile in a reported elapsed time of 13.90. Thus, the first-generation cars before these versions were undoubtedly no better. “Power and performance would only drop from this point forward as they reduced compression to burn regular fuel and added emission control devices to meet tougher EPA regulations,” according to


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