1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

Name: 1970 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

Year(s) Produced: 1969-1970

Number Built: 1,631

Class: Sports car

Body Type: 2-door hardtop coupe

Engine: 429.2 cui, Ford 385-Series V-8

Power: 375hp @ 5200 RPM

0-60mph: 6.3 seconds

Top Speed: 124mph

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Length/width/height: 209.9 in./ 77.3 in./ 52.4 in.

Wheelbase: 117 in.

Base Price: US$3,759 (NADA)

Highest Price: US$34,400 (NADA)

A couple of weeks ago, we ran an article that describes those heart-wrenching moments where you have to live with the decision of letting go of a most beloved car. For whatever reasons that you may have for letting this car ‘get away’, the persistent and nagging feeling of regret is a hard pill to swallow.

Such is the predicament of Brent Horbatt’s father. He constantly talked about his favorite car, the best he had ever owned, a car he always kicked himself for letting go. Unfortunately for Brent, he was at the receiving end of his father’s brunt, forced to hear the stories of his dad’s fabled ’70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler relentlessly while growing up.

70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler

True enough, Brent is not a novice when it comes to the Spoiler’s overabundant big-block, the curvaceous wind-cheating lines, and the luxurious interior that is uncommon among its muscle car contemporaries. No matter how impressive the ’70 Mercury Cyclone Spoiler could be, Brent made a promise to himself that he will never own one himself.

Until that fateful day when Brent had a change of heart. He is still quite sure though that he doesn’t want a Spoiler for himself but in an act of love for his good ol’ dad who for so many years has lived tormented with regret, Brent embarked on a journey to bring back the Spoiler that took hold of his father.

1970 Mercury Cyclone

Brent’s family was very familiar with the luxurious Mercs. They have owned several models from the now defunct brand, including his grandfather’s ’69 Cougar and his grandmother’s ’76. Dad not only had the Cyclone but replaced it with a five-speed Monarch, an interesting catch in itself.

The Spoiler was at the top of its game in the hierarchy of the Cyclone series. It comes with a vacuum-operated Ram Air induction hood, racing stripes, and big-block of a powerhouse. Other than the standard 429 Cobra Jet, the Spoiler also comes in an optional Super Cobra Jet engine. Brent still remembers vividly how his father’s car look and feels like. Its high-impact yellow paint wrapped around its aerodynamic body is a sight to behold. The big 429 Cobra Jet was manhandled by a T-handle shifter and a four-speed manual transmission. The Cyclone Spoiler was a bred for the tracks, with the sole purpose cutting the wind on the big oval tracks of NASCAR, along with Ford’s Talladega.

1970 Mercury  Spoiler

After several searches over the classifieds, Brent finally spotted a nearly original example 3,000 miles away in California. It never occurred to Brent how far it is from where he lived, and a six-hour plane trip is a walk in the park knowing how badly he wants it.

The trip didn’t disappoint him, as the Spoiler that he sought for is exactly what he wanted. The car turned out to be in reasonably good shape. It was running pretty well, and the body was respectable. However, the paint had seen better days, and some typical bubbling was coming up in some spots. Brent decided the car would go in for a complete repaint, while the motor was pulled for some repair and beautification.

Now Brent is a proud owner of a handsomely unusual muscle car, knowing pretty sure that there aren’t plenty of Spoilers around. He is also thankful that somehow his efforts have been rewarded. With a priceless smile on his parents’ faces – Barbara and Kent Hobart – this is one Spoiler that Brent is happy to have around.

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