4th generation chevy impala

Impala has been a household name since 1958 and since then, it breaks several sales records for the Chevrolet edition. As a matter of fact, today’s 10th generation Chevrolet Impala is situated for sustained success credits to its cutting-edge technology and sporty styling.

Going back to 1965, the 4th generation Chevrolet Impala had gone through several changes and the result did not only blow apart sales records, but also became the best selling car in America in that year.

Though it fall short for making a 1.1 million units sold, it’s still a record that stands today. Impala broke another million vehicle barrier on 1966. Let’s take a look what made this car such a hot seller.

65 impala

Chevrolet 1960’s Fan Base

The huge hit of the 60’s ad campaign “See the USA in a Chevrolet” helped the company build up exceptionally loyal customers, who dared not think whether they were going to buy a Chevrolet, but would be go thinking more about what size of Chevrolet they are going to get.

They got any car that surely fits in your budget, like the everyday car Chevy II Nova Super Sport or something a little larger like the First-generation Chevelle and lastly, Impala is all you need if you wanted a car that is big enough for the whole family.

gorgeous impala

Exterior Styling of the 1965 Impala

The 1965 model looks completely different if you compare it with the 1964 model. Although the wheel base remain unchanged. The automobile expanded with 4 more inches in overall length. The glass and sheet metal moved itself from the usual flat and square shapes of the earlier generation. The ‘65 model flows and took on with the mid-60’s trend rounded Coke bottle styling. The front windshield was laid backed to give more aerodynamic look and the rear glass adapted a fastback design. Even the quarter windows and rear vent glass adopted the rounded shapes. Chevrolet has offered 14 different exterior paint colors and nine for the interior colors. For those who are willing to wait for a special offer, there’s a unique level of color customization given. Many car buyers finally found what they are looking for on a dealership stock.

classic chevy impala

What’s under the Hood of the New Impala

Many people found more amazing things on the inside rather than the outside… well I don’t know what you’re thinking but for the well-designed 1965 Impala, GM offered no less than 10 engine options. You could get two different six-cylinder engines and be offered to choose among three different sizes of small block V-8’s. This also includes the valuable 350 HP 327 cubic-inch Turbo Fire V-8. Under the hood of a big block car, you could find a total of five different engines. Early models carry the 396 CID variant. However, the 1969 and 1970 Super Sport Impala shipped in small quantities with the 427 and 454 monster motors.

Is a 4th generation Impala worth anything?

Since the Chevy Impala from 1965 to 1970 were built in large numbers, the supply outpaces the demand. In the world of collector cars, the value of a vehicle is regularly based on a supply-and-demand scenario. The 1969 SS 427 is the only Impala built in smallest figures with only less than 2,500 of those units manufactured.

However, this scenario provides a good opportunity for an affordable entry-level classic muscle car. Driving the streets with Chevy Impala surely spells fun to everyone and who knows, maybe someday, the big block Super Sport Impala packed with rare engine options like the 427 or 454 might be worth something.



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