1969 coupe

Needless to say, Detroit loves Corvettes, both vintage and late-model. A casual stroll along the rows of endless dazzling chrome during the recent Detroit Autorama bears this affection to the straightforward performance of this pedigree. From big-blocks to high-techs, the diverse range of several generations of ‘Vettes gave an impression that Detroit may likewise host a separate show dedicated to the name.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.* offers us an inside look on the coolest classic Corvettes that the Detroit Autorama offered this year. True, it was snowing very hard on that day, but inside the iconic car show, it is all but warm and bright in this fired up corner of the car show. Photos and some details are courtesy of

1967 roadster

Jim and Carroll Jarrett’s un-customized 1967 roadster is fitted with a L71-code 427/435 big-block under the hood complemented with side exhausts. Donned with a white stinger-accented Marina Blue exterior, this ’67 Corvette is a cool breather.

1962 Corvette

Aptly named as “Illusions”, this 1962 Corvette comes with a custom 1957 front end and a body that has about 30 custom features such as Jeep Liberty headlamps and Chevy HHR taillights just to name a few. The Illusions’ power comes from a Chevrolet Performance LSX454 with a 4L85 transmission. According to owner Jason Flis, they invested more than 10,000 hours in the build.

1967 Corvette

This 1967 Corvette has a great road story to tell. Owner Gary Bach had an epic time with his ride since purchasing it back in 1978. He and buddy Mike Blank had this 663hp 427 big-block ‘Vette driven across the country along Route 66 – twice.

1963 split-window coupe

Brian Eggers’ 1963 split-window coupe is powered by a Hot Cam-equipped LS3 backed by a TREMEC five-speed. It was built by Dynamic Corvettes, in Saginaw, Mich. and features an SRIII Motorsports chassis with C7 suspension components.

1960 Corvette

This 1960 Corvette is a creative tour de force. Owned by James and Sandy Eudy of Bakersfield, California, this cool classic features a custom power-tilting nose that covers a late-model LS7. The rear quarters were each widened 3 inches, too. It’s all built on a custom “bird cage” chassis fitted with a complete C4 suspension.

1977 Corvette

One of the more down to earth street cars at the show was Steve Jesse’s 1977 Corvette. The well-detailed coupe was driven by a stout 414-inch Dart small-block equipped with ACCEL digital fuel injection. A Turbo 400 funnels torque to a 3.55-geared rear axle.

’65 convertible

This metallic gray ’65 convertible is powered by a Chevrolet Performance Ramjet 350 crate engine that offers a contemporary EFI, similar to that of the original Rochester mechanical system. It lends itself to a contemporary look that’s accentuated nicely with a red leather interior.

1961 original fuelie car

This 1961 original fuelie car has spent its entire life in the Wibbleman family and has now been restored by the renowned Corvette experts at Masterworks Automotive Services. The patriarch Robert Wibbleman, bought it originally and passed it on to his son Chris. In turn, he had Masterworks restore for the future enjoyment of his daughters. It’s a priceless heirloom destined to be passed on to the next generation.

1969 coupe

John Lowery’s 1969 coupe definitely got its inspiration from the Corvette Summer movie car. This striking red hot streak is powered by a 350/M21 block while the exquisitely detailed body work is credited to Vettestorations in Southfield, Michigan.

*Check out this classic “Chevrolet Corvette Parking Only” sign.*

1959 Corvette

Charlene Johnson from Vermont didn’t mind the long travel just to reach Detroit together with her 1959 Corvette. It featured a T56-backed LS3 525-hp crate engine and rolled on 18-inch wheels – with huge Wilwood brakes providing the stopping power. The car was built by The Auto Shoppe, in South Burlington, Vt.

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