Ok, I have to admit. I was having second thoughts on writing this one because it seems to be so obvious that it feels like redundant saying this. However, if you’re like most car aficionados and avid gearheads, than most probably your prized classic or muscle car may mean everything to you – and probably also to the car burglar lustfully eyeing on it as well.

And we’ve seen it most of time: car thieves having a run of someone else’s ultra-rare or valuable American classic even in broad-daylight. Lucky for those who were able to recover their stolen properties – or at least a piece of it. It’s a very big mistake to think that classic car collectors are the only ones who are in the know. Car thieves know their trade as well, and they know what is valuable and not because at the end of the day, it is the cost of these prized classics that only matters to them.

Car thieves can also be creative, and sometimes have a flair for the dramatics as well. I remember seeing a video where a stranger was ‘kind enough’ to point out a damage on the rear end of somebody else’s car and the owner, without really thinking I guess, stepped out of his vehicle and left the door open – well, you know what happened next.

The point is, as classic cars are now steadily rising in value, so are the efforts of those who would like to snatch them from you. Armed with a combination of technical know-how, and a heightened degree of sneakiness, it is important to seriously consider where to put your trust in keeping your precious baby safe.

With that being said, here’s our take of the best protection devices or systems available to protect your investment. Please note that we did not include car alarms here, though these suggestions may do well if paired up with one.


  1. LoJack for Classics – $695


LoJack is one of the first things to come to mind when thinking “aftermarket security systems”, similar to what you do with anti-virus systems when you purchase a new PC. Basically, LoJack is a stolen vehicle recovery system and the only one of its kind that is directly integrated with state and local police. Once the car is reported stolen, the information is entered into the nationwide law enforcement stolen vehicle computer system and using advanced radio frequency technology, it will activate the LoJack device concealed within the vehicle. The device in turn will also emit its unique radio frequency and can easily be picked up by any law enforcer within the area. It also features an Early Warning System that alerts the owner via phone, email and text if the car has been moved without the presence of the Early Warning Key Pass.

  1. Ravelco – $469.95


Ravelco thus far deserves credit for being virtually foolproof. The company has been in the business of protecting cars since 1976 and they are proud of their track record of exactly zero car thefts fitted with their system. Basically, the Ravelco Anti-theft Device is a system installed into any vehicle and acts almost like a second key to your car – you take the plug with you and simply plug it back in before turning the key.

  1. VinShield – $19.95


Though this may not actually stop anyone in their tracks from stealing your car, the highpoint of VinShield is its ability to discourage any perpetuators in pushing through with their scheme. It works by permanently etching the federally registered vehicle identification number (VIN) into all the major glass areas of your car or truck such as the windshield, side glass, and rear glass of your car in plain view. The hope is that the would-be thief will notice it and bypass your car since most experienced car thieves know that they will have to replace all of the glass before selling any of it, and auto glass is not exactly cheap.

  1. The Club – $42.99


Perhaps next after those annoying car alarms, comes the red stick that sticks through the steering wheel that people often refer to as the Club. The Club is a pretty well-known and straightforward way of securing your car. The idea is, if you can’t steer it, you can’t steal it. True, thieves may not be able to move your car once the Club is in place but it will not stop them for entering your classic. Plus, it can be bit of annoying to put them on and off, and it does not sit well with car insurance companies where you can get some discounts same with what you can get if you will install a Ravelco for example.

  1. And of course… The Dog


I mean literally, a dog. Of course, it will vary and my best guess is that you will not opt for one that can get easily stolen together with your car. Coming from a perspective of a canine lover – I myself own a pack of 5 – we all know that these pals are the most tenacious creatures on the planet. We’re not suggesting that you throw all the things that we suggested thus far in favor for our barking buddy. It will do you good by providing an added bonus of companionship and comfort.

There we have it. Tell us how you secure your classic at the comments section below.


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