1967 Pontiac Bonneville Stageway Limousine

I’m not really sure of what to think or say about this, except for the obvious question of how in the world can this stretched out 1967 Pontiac Bonneville Stageway ‘Airporter’ be used beyond the usual ‘birthdays, holidays, and all sorts of events’ promotional catch phrase touted by autoexcellencellcal – the eBay seller brave enough to offer this online. With a current bid of US$6,150 (surprise, surprise), and with only 5 days remaining to best other 13 hopefuls, you might still find yourself scratching your head even if you end up to be the ‘proud’ owner of this 9-door beast.

According to the guy’s eBay post,

 This 1967 Pontiac Bonneville Stageway Limousine was stretched by Armbruster Stageway in Fort Smith Arkansas!

They are still in business today.  It runs great and is often used for Parties, Proms, Birthdays and other Special Events.

It has 4 Bench Seats and will hold up to 12 people.  A great feature is the Rear Air Condition valued at $5,000

Additionally we’ve added a high end Stereo System valued at $5,000

According to the seller, they discovered this Airporter Limo at a small upstate New York airport while flying small airplanes. They immediately took a liking on this gargantuan wagon, so much so that they immediately got in touch with the owner and made a deal of buying it. As it goes, the original owner seems to have no hesitation of selling the Airporter. Shortly afterwards, the Airporter finds itself a new home in Alabama. Once the puppy love faded, they immediately realized with a lingering dilemma, and obvious question of what to do with the huge airport limo.

967 Pontiac Bonneville Stageway Limo

“Originally the Pontiacs were built by Stageway to transport passengers at airports. In the days before minibuses these limos offered an easy solution to transporting passengers in a vehicle much smaller (and fancier) than a full-sized bus. The converted Pontiac wagons were powered by a 428 V8 so they had plenty of horses to haul the extra weight. Stageway sold the converted 12 passenger Pontiacs for a base price of around $8,000 dollars which was more than double the price of a brand new top of line Catalina station wagon,” according to Jalopnik’s Tom Joslin.

True enough, it’s a temptation to buy (or bid for this matter) this rare and interesting car once you come across it. But the obvious question that we posed at the beginning is most probably the same thing that drove the seller to decide and to try and sell the car – and we completely understand him for that.

1967 Pontiac Bonneville Stageway

We want to believe in the seller when he says that ‘it runs great’, and who wouldn’t have a blast of a ride inside a four-bench driver? But then again, the same can’t be said when it comes to parking or even navigating this massive old car along tight corners. One just needs to read between the lines that the owners rental business showcasing these cars (he claims to have another one stashed somewhere) didn’t worked out well as he initially thought of. Otherwise, why sell a car that earns you cash? The only thing that it seems to be good about other than the car show for the weird and wacky, is occupying plenty of garage place until such time that some other guy grows an infatuation over it. Unless someone can come up with an idea of a car parade float rental service, then probably it can take off.

1967 Pontiac Bonneville Limousine

Well you might think that I was a little too harsh on this car, yes probably I am. However, it still earns my respect for being a car that represents a moment in our automotive history where people were glad that they can ride on a 9-door oddity and were actually happy about it. Check out the rest of the Airporter’s pics below.

airporter piclimo

Happy cruising!


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