If cool classic cars have human personalities, what kind of car will you go out on a date? Perhaps it’s a good question to ponder considering that most of us are expected to go out at least once especially during this month. So if given the chance to date a Testarossa or DeLorean, which will you choose? Or better still, why not both and throw in a couple of Shelbys, Panteras, and Rolls-Royce?

These classics can sit with you all evening without saying a word, and still leave you breathless and excited – way more interesting than your friend who sells ‘military grade’ flashlights. Perhaps its pipe dream to wish for an evening such as that – or it isn’t? Because every weekend in Wynwood, Miami, Florida, dating these classics IS a reality.

Welcome to Elo’s Miami Supercar Rooms – a high-end gallery-restaurant that just recently opened this month at posh side of South Florida. Elo, owner and founder of the London Motor Museum in 2004 and dubbed as one of the top 100 most influential people in the automotive industry, decided to bring his expertise in the US to realize his dream of combing an auto art gallery and a one-of-a-kind gourmet dining experience. Matt Meltzer of Thrilllist.com describes Elo as a “consummate car guy, who dreamed of a restaurant where he could drive one of his collectable cars right inside and eat without having to worry about a valet moving his seat or a hoodlum trying to steal his collection of Winger tapes.” And while vacationing from London a few years ago, he found Wynwood and thought it the perfect place to make his dream a reality.

The Miami Supercar Rooms is part car museum and part restaurant where you and five of your best buds can reserve for one of the resto’s ‘pods’. What makes it unique? You have sixth member on board during your group date: a legendary, rare classic supercar of your own choice. That alone will keep your party charged and alive throughout the evening.

With regards to the food, Meltzer explains, “There is no menu, rather a monthly rotation of visiting chefs from around Miami, crafting custom menus for you and your group. He’ll greet you and talk about what’s on the menu for the evening.” To top off the experience, guests will be joined by the pod’s attendant who is well-versed in the intricate details and history of your four-wheeled dinner guest similar to the Dodge Viper that those couples above are dining with. It makes you feel like it’s actually Elo, giving you a personal tour similar to his show in the History Channel.

Diners also have other five options to choose from:


67 Ford Shelby

Yes, you’re right this is the same model that Nicolas Cage was fond of in Gone in 60 Seconds. It’s not the one from the movie, though but it is superb in the same way.




This out-of-this world vehicle was designed and used for the movie I, Robot, which later caught Audi’s attention eventually making an offer to the film’s producers in using their cars.



72 De Tomaso

This impressive ride is perhaps a reminder of Ford’s failed attempt at buying Ferrari. When the proposed deal turned sour, Ford came with its version of the supercar with its introduction of the GT Program. Partnering with boutique sports car maker De Tomaso, Ford was hopeful that the speedster will help his company back to the racetrack.



81 Delorean

Yes, this is the REAL DeLorean as seen in the Back to the Future movie franchise. Though most of the prediction in the movie didn’t come to pass, you can bet your horses that this car is the real deal.



1988 Ferrari

Your dinner date will not be complete without the presence of the venerable white Testarossa Ferrari.

In the middle of it all is a Lamborghini tractor, one of only a few in the world and the only one in the US. According to Elo himself, “There’s one in the Lambo factory, I have one, and there’s one in South America that hasn’t ever been seen,” Ferruccio Lamborghini got his start making agricultural equipment in post-World War Two Italy to take advantage of government subsidies. A true story worth retelling.

For a price of $3,000-or-so to dish out for a dinner with your favorite Supercar, a free membership to the facility surely caps off the deal. Elo’s showroom got cars that are perhaps more impressive than the ones outside, including 1960s-era Formula One cars from Ferrari and Maserati, and a 2007 Shelby SuperCar Ultimate Aero TT, which at the time was the fastest production car in the world at 256mph. Elo also threw in some Rolls-Royces starting with this Bootch, custom-made in 1929 such as the one below.


The Miami Supercar Rooms Dining Experience is exclusively open from Fridays to Sundays only starting at 7:00PM to 1:00AM so be sure to call in or post your reservations ahead. You may also want to check out this video to have a feel on how it feels to have a classic car for a date.

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