The Ford Station Wagon That Was Never Meant To Be!

Ford Station Wagon

Fact: Ford did not build, nor offer a Mustang station wagon. This was a statement asserted by Jalopnik’s Tom Joslin when he stumbled upon an eBay bid that offered a mashed up ‘Mustang station wagon’ conversion. Brought about by the desire of some to see their dream rides come to life, various enthusiasts and companies tried to come up with their own Mustang based concept creations.

According to Joslin, the creation of a factory Ford Mustang wagon is a myth which dates back to late 1966, when Intermeccanica built its own version of a Mustang station wagon for advertiser Barney Clark and designer Bob Cumberford. Eventually, the wagon got exposure in automotive magazines of the day, including “Car Life” and on the October 1966 cover of “Car and Driver”.

Truth be told, Ford actually played with the idea of creating a wagon version of its Mustang and was actually at the design stages already. However as it turned out, Intermeccanica got ahead of the concept and Ford scrapped the program shortly thereafter. It seems that Ford is a little touchy when somebody else’s ideas ran ahead of them. In an October 1991 issue of Car Collector magazine, writer Dennis Adler tracked down the story behind the foiled Mustang station wagon. According to his story, Ford already had two internal Mustang wagon design proposals, but then Ford styling chief Eugene Bordinat “was incensed over the idea of an outside proposal, and Ford ultimately rejected all three designs, putting the lid on the Mustang wagon.” Cumberford also presented his concept to Holman and Woody but was eventually turned down as well.

It is believed that the Intermeccanica prototype still exists though it might be rusting away in a garage somewhere in the east. It will be an interesting find if someone will be able to track this down and restore it in its station wagon beauty. But for now, we just have to feast our eyes on this 1967 Ford County Squire, Mustang station wagon wannabe.

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