Happy 20th Anniversary, Coca-Cola Christmas Truck!


It was December of 1995 when Coca-Cola hatched an idea that will become an icon in spreading Christmas cheers for the years to come. Who can forget the famous hum of the “Holiday’s are Coming” jingle, and the peaking on the crescendo is the appearance of a dazzling light show on wheels?

Voted as the most favourite Christmas advert of all time by the British people last 2014, this year marks another milestone as the truck campaign celebrates its 20th year. Here are some fun facts about this iconic Christmas truck courtesy of thefactsite.com:

  • The effects were created by Industrial Light and Magic – the same company that created the special effects for the Star Wars movies. No wonder the truck looked so good!
  • By 1998, millions of viewers were watching the Coca-Cola adverts over the festive season, which meant that over 100 countries had witnessed the big red truck on their screens.
  • A famous Coca-Cola advert in 1999 showed a huge fleet of red trucks driving along; however, there were only three trucks which were used during filming. Special effects came into play to make viewers believe that there were hundreds of Coca-Cola trucks.
  • Between 2001 and 2007, Coca-Cola stopped using their traditional Christmas campaigns and adverts in the way that everybody had been used to. Well, that didn’t sit well with most people, and they were eventually brought back due to insisting public clamor.
  • The Coca-Cola tour stops are usually accompanied by Christmas music, either from loudspeakers or a live choir, adding to the spirit of the season.
  • During 2013, the hashtag #HolidaysAreComing was tweeted more than 57 million times.
  • The same year, around two million people visited the Coca-Cola website to find out where the truck would be stopping.
  • Matt Smith was the first ever member of the public to drive the famous Coca-Cola truck. He wanted to raise awareness for cystic fibrosis, and his posts on social media went viral within hours. Coca-Cola noticed his messages and invited him to drive the iconic red truck.

We’ve searched high and low for the name and model of the official 1995 Christmas Truck, but our search has been futile so far. Feel free to share any info that you may have about this iconic truck. For the meantime, let’s relive the nostalgic joy that the Coca-Cola truck brings through this video.




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