How to Build a Ferrari 250 GTO Replica Inside a Chicken Shed…

ferrari 250 GTO

This might sound crazy if it comes from a DIY list, but this is exactly what Rod Tempero of New Zealand did together with his expert team of incredibly skilled craftsmen when they built this replica of a Ferrari 250 GTO for a period of five years. Devoted to the craft of building replicas the old-fashioned way, Tempero’s car is made of hand-hammered metal stretched over handmade wooden bucks without the aid of any computer aided design software. While it is not an authentic Ferrari, you will definitely admire the attention to detail that was put into this copycat. With a 4.4 liter, V12 engine, this replica may well be valued over one million US dollars.

Watch the video below on how this Ferrari 250 GTO replica was conceived inside Tempero’s humble and unassuming shed.



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