4 Mistakes Novice Classic Car Buyers Do


Needless to say, owning a classic car is not for everyone. Sure enough, owning one will somehow level up your coolness one notch higher: the exquisite design, the flawless curves, the roar of its engine, and its departure from everything that is modern is a welcomed sight. But before you dive into investing on that classic that you have been eyeing on for quite some time – and signing those ownership papers – let’s take a look at five mistakes that some novice classic car buyers commit which they later seriously regretted.


“I Thought It Comes with A GPS, Iphone Dock and a Nice Air conditioner.”

What most people fail to realize is that owning a classic car means letting go of all previous conveniences that one is accustomed to. You may argue with yourself that yes, you can do without the air conditioning but seriously, for some parts of the country, this is relatively impossible. It may also have a built-in radio, but don’t expect it to be state of the art. Most classics, frankly speaking, have poor radio reception. Obviously, don’t try to look for a CD tray or dock to hook up your Iphone. Take a quick inventory of your current situation and ask yourself if you are ready for all these inconveniences.


“Hey, does it come with an airbag and an ergonomic seat?”

Modern cars have huge advantages over its classic counterparts in terms of comfort and safety. If you are already spoiled by the ease of use and comfort provided by your SUV or sedan, then you might have a hard time adjusting on what a classic car can offer. Advances in car safety such as crumple zones, advanced side-impact protection systems, airbags, traction control, and forward-collision braking just to name a few – are virtually non-existent in vintage or classic cars. If safety is a major concern, you’ll probably want to pass on these older cars. They may look imposing in spite of their size, but they will not fare well during collisions and other accidents.


“Hmmm… let me see, I think I know how to fix this.”

The inherent simplicity of a classic car is one of the allures that it has for most collectors. Nevertheless, you should not expect that when your classic breakdowns, it can easily be maintained and repaired in any local dealership or shop. Most shops and technicians are not adept in working on very old models simply because they don’t have the necessary training and know how on how to repair them. Do some research first before you sign those papers – find a good mechanic or a restoration shop that specializes in your classic car of choice. Unless you are confident enough that you can do the repairs yourself.


“I’ll finally flaunt it to my heart’s content.”

If you’re the type of driver that will not mind pushing your car to jump off from the tallest building in the world similar to what Vin Diesel did in FF7, then owning a classic is seriously NOT for you. I know, I’m just exaggerating on this but seriously, having a classic car is not much of ownership but more of stewardship. You must realize that keeping one will eventually mean that it will be passed on to someone else. As such, your attitude towards your car must translate into utmost vigilance in avoiding any dents and scratches, or in extreme cases, not using your car under severe weather conditions.

Owning a classic car isn’t as easy – or as comfortable – as owning a modern vehicle. Classic car ownership certainly isn’t for everyone, and there are many more cars that offer similar thrills to classic vehicles. Only when you seriously consider these four mistakes will you find yourself ready for the often difficult, but very rewarding task of having your very own classic.


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