This Grandpa Has The Need for Speed at Age 99



Name: 1924 Model T Ford

Year(s) Produced: 1908-1927

Number Built: 15,458,781

Class: Full-size Ford, economy car

Body Type: 2-door sedan

Engine: 177 C.I.D. (2.9 L) 20 hp I4

Power: 22hp @ 1600 RPM

0-60mph: N/A

Top Speed: 45 mph

Transmission: 2-speed planetary gear

Length/width/height: 134 in/66 in/ (?)

Wheelbase: 99 in.

Average Price: US$550

Gordon Brown of New Zealand is 99 years and 50 weeks old and still has a need for speed.

The nonagenarian, who’ll turn 100 at the turn of the year, had his driver’s license renewed for another two years last month making him not only the eldest member of his retirement village but the eldest driver too.

“These speed limits are terrible – I like driving fast,” says Brown. This doesn’t come as a surprise since he has been racing midgets, classic cars, stock cars and jet-sprint boats most of his life winning most of them. But winning races and having his license renewed is not just the highlights of his fast-paced life: he learned to fly planes at age 88 and scuba diving at age 60; owned his first successful auto-mechanic business at age 17; built two cars, one boat, and a caravan; and still goes to dances every week. A war veteran himself, he joined New Zealand’s air force as a mechanical engineer and was asked to remain as an engineering instructor.

Needless to say, he has been actively living the great life.

Turning 100 at the end of this year, he was born on December 19, 2015 on a family farm in Ruawai near Dargaville, New Zealand. He is fathered four children, and has five grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. When asked what is the key to his longevity, Gordon proudly said “Its eating poached eggs in the morning and drinking one glass of whiskey at night. That, and having a ‘no worries’ mantra”. The New Zealand Transport Agency says that as of to date, there are a total of 17 drivers aged 100 or older who held current licenses, including nine aged 101 or older.


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