Resurrecting A 1972 Chevelle Is A Priests Way Of Paying It Forward

1972 Chevelle


Name: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle

Year(s) Produced: 1967-1972

Number Built: 49,352

Class: Muscle car

Body Type: 2-door hardtop coupe

Engine: GM Chevrolet L65 (Small-Block V-8 350)

Power: 165hp @ 4000 RPM

0-60mph: 8.9 seconds

Top Speed: 104 mph

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Length/width/height: 197.5 in/75.4 in/52.8 in

Wheelbase: 112 in.

Base Price: US$3,410

Current Value: US$60,300 (Hagerty)

A New Mexico priest, Father Matthew Keller, vividly remembers growing up around classic cars. “I’ve always loved cars. My dad had a super-charged ’57 Studebaker Golden Hawk, and my first car was a ’64 Malibu SS. My dad taught me a lot – most of what I know mechanically – and I was in vocational school in high school, so we fixed up the Malibu and about a half dozen cars. I sold my car when I went to college, and it was the worst decision I ever made”, Father Keller mused.

Now serving his community for more than a decade, Father Matthew Keller thought that his love for classic muscle cars will somehow pave the way for him to pay it forward. When one parishioner suggested the idea of him restoring a 1972 Chevrolete Chevele Motorsport, Father Keller thought of pushing it further. He thought of rebuilding this classic, and raffling it off, will pave the way for prospective and deserving priests to enter seminary school. “The training and development of priests is expensive,” Keller said. “I thought it would be fun to restore a classic and help one of these young men at the same time.” Thus the community project, “V8s For Vocations” was born. It kicked off June of 2014 with the help of 60 volunteers dedicating themselves for more than 2,000 hours in restoring the car. “It’s just inspiring some of the time that some of the men have put into this. They work and they have a lot of other stuff on their plate too,” said Father Keller.

V8s for Vocations has a website where photos of the car’s restoration are posted online. You may visit their website at to see this classic’s transformation. You may also check out this interview with Father Kelly courtesy of Hagerty to hear more about this worthwhile project. The restored classic is set for raffle on Saturday, December 12, 2015


UPDATE: The restored 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle Motorsport was raffled to Don Good of Gallup, New Mexico.



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