What Do You Get When You Cross a Chevy and a Boat?


Ever wondered what came to the minds of these venturesome engineers from Chevrolet?

In another yet bold move in the history of the Chevy, they came up with this one of a kind amphibious vehicle – yes, you heard it right an amphibian – which they fondly named Corphibian. This Corvair pickup truck was a hit among German collectors but did not win the hearts of their American counterparts.


This 1961 Corphibian can drive into the lake, jump in and sail off into all on its own power, and was was built by Chevy engineers in partnership with the Hulten-Holm Company of Pontiac, Michigan. It has a waterproof fiberglass hull, a wooden rudder and a pair of propellers in the stern powered by the truck’s rear-mounted flat-six-cylinder engine.corphibanboat

It can be maneuvered on water from either the cab or the pickup bed, and driven the normal way on land. A red-and-white Corphibian with only 157 miles (on land, mind you) on its odometer, is set for auction by Mecum for a pre-auction value at $75,000 to $100,000. Let’s wait and see how this unsinkable Chevy will fair under the hammer. Watch this Corphibian’s maiden voyage through this 60’s video and tell us what you think.

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