Selling The Amazing Texas Barn Find

Texas Barn Find


Name: 1932 Cadillac 370B V-12 Victoria Convertible

Year(s) Produced: 1932-1933

Number Built: 1,740

Class: Full-size luxury car

Body Type: 2-door convertible

Engine: 368 cu in (6.0 L) Cadillac  V12

Power: 135hp @ 3400 RPM

0-60mph: (?)

Top Speed: (?)

Transmission: 3-speed manual

Length/width/height: 207 in/77 in/71.5 in

Wheelbase: 134 in.

Base Price: (?)

Current Value: US$2.5million to US$12million (Hagerty)

Classic and vintage cars always carry with them an air of nostalgia, especially when the times comes that’s you have no other choice but to let them go. Such is the lot of couples Sally and Jack Kosmatka of Austin, Texas when June 12 finally arrived that they have to part ways with their vintage collection at Motostalgia’s Brickyard Auction which has been dubbed the “Texas Barn Find Collection”.

These pre-WWII classics have been with them for more than 40 years and will be turned over to another Caddie collector who is willing and capable of giving them the restoration that they need. Close to tears, Sally said, “It came to a point where we realized we’re never going to be able to take them out and fix them like we wanted to. So this afternoon, we’re gonna lose all of our babies”.

At the hammer, their Texas Barn Find collection racked up more than US$700,000 with the 1932 Cadillac earning the highest. The following are the individual auctioned price for each member of this collection:

  • 1938 Cadillac Series 90 V-16 Fleetwood Limousine – US$46,750
  • 1932 Cadillac 370B V-12 Victoria Convertible – US$308,000
  • 1933 Cadillac Model 370C V-12 Town Coupe – US$55,000
  • 1908 REO Model G Boattail Roadster/Sedan Tonneau – US$104,500
  • 1923 Milburn Electric Model 27L –US$165,000
  • 1937 Kozy Coach Travel Trailer (Used only twice) – US$66,000

It was a bittersweet moment for the couple, especially for Sally. I’m sad that the cars are going, but I’m happy at the same time because they’re going to new homes that will be really great for them,”

Watch this video above of the Kosmatkas’ tear-jerking farewell to their cherished collection. Do you think it’s a wise move for them to let their babies go?


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