It’s Time to Flaunt That Station Wagon!

Station Wagons

Not regarded in high esteem such as much as that of its cousins, station wagons were once considered as the ugly ducklings of the classic automobile worlds. That may no longer be the case. Hagerty Auction House reports seeing a steady 46% rise in quotes for classic station wagon insurance for the year 2015.

The most-recent market graph below shows which models have experienced the greatest interest among collectors, a large bulk of it coming from the US.

Station Wagons

“This corresponds with both an increase in values and a greater number of examples coming to market, as over the past five years, Hagerty Price Guide values have increased by 16 percent overall for station wagons, and the number offered at North American collector auctions has increased by 18 percent,” Hagerty reported.

Furthermore, the growing interest for station wagons was driven by their rarity as compared with coupes or sedans of the same model, as well as its functionality on long road trips which is obviously lacking from most classic cars around. Do you agree with Hagerty’s conclusions? Share us your thoughts and opinions on this.



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