Can This Ferrari Be The Most Expensive Car Ever Auctioned?

1956 Ferrari 290



Name: 1956 Ferrari 290 MM Scaglietti Spyder

Year(s) Produced: 1956-1957

Number Built: 4

Class: Sports car

Body Type: 2-door roadster

Engine: Tipo 130 60 degree 3490cc SOHC

Power: 345hp @ 7200 RPM

0-60mph: (?)

Top Speed: 174mph

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Length/width/height: (?)

Wheelbase: 92.5 in.

Base Price: (?)

Current Value: US$28,050, 000 (RM Sotheby)

A 1956 Ferrari 290 MM by Scaglietti will be auctioned on December 10. There are a lot of speculations that this classic might be the next most expensive car ever auctioned.

In a fiery program entitled “Driven by Disruption”, more than 30 high-investment grade vehicles will be auctioned by RM Sotheby and is expected to cause a commotion in New York City on December 10. According to the auction house’s website,

“The December auction will showcase the extremes of motoring history and the molds that were broken by engineers and designers pushing the automotive envelope. Whether it be a stunningly beautiful coach built automobile, a wild, untraditional design, or a marvel of high performance engineering, the auction will exclusively focus on creatively styled, pioneering automobiles. All entries will be handpicked for their rarity, significance to design, engineering, and the outstanding achievement they represent in automotive history”.

One of these outstanding achievements that may likewise break the world record for being the most expensive auctioned car is a 1956 Ferrari 290 MM expected to be sold for more than $30M. Though Ferraris are the hottest items in almost all classic car auctions, this 1956 model are quite rare in its own considering its heritage and degree of originality. The current title holder for the most expensive car auctioned is yet another Ferrari – a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO sold for a staggering amount of $34.65M last August of 2014.

Update: The 1956 Ferrari 290 MM by Scaglietti was eventually sold at a staggering price of US$28,050,000 at an auction held by RM Sotheby. This makes the Ferrari 290 MM the most expensive car on the planet as of to date.

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