Would You Buy This Gullwing?

1952 Mercedes 300 SL

Former racing car driver and ardent collector John Young is now willing to part ways with his very rare 1952 Mercedes 300 SL, popularly known as the “Gullwing”. The name says it all due to its iconic lifting doors that make it look like a race car on wings. Mr. Young is the third owner of this opulent silver legend which he acquired in 1967, with its three-liter, 222hp engine, with a top speed of 135mph and only 40,000 miles on the odometer.

There were only 1,400 Gullwings manufactured from the period of 1954-1963, the most of it exported to the US according to Mr. Young which happens to be the co-owner of Rose and Young in Caterham, Surrey – one of the largest Mercedes dealership in UK. He is very familiar with Gullwings and practically had a special liking for them. Bonhams’ motoring department expert John Polson asserts that the Gullwing is the benchmark of automotive engineering of its day.

“This particular one was built in 1955 and was one of the few that were delivered new to the UK. Very few cars as original and unspoilt as this exist nowadays.”

Now at 80 years, Mr. Young is hoping that his favorite bird will find a new home as it goes for auction at London’s Bonham on Sunday. Its estimated value is pegged at $1.9m. Check out some of the Gullwing’s angles and tell us what you think.

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