You Might Need an Italian Job to Get This Miura

Lamborghini Miura

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Name: 1968 Lamborghini Miura LP400

Year(s) Produced: 1968-1971

Number Built: 1 out 3 in 1968; 140 built throughout production years

Class: Sports Car

Body Type: 2-door coupe

Engine: 3929cc; 239.8 cu in.; 60 degrees V12

Power: 370bhp @ 7700 RPM

0-60mph: 5.5 seconds

Top Speed: 179 mph

Transmission: 5-speed manual

Length/width/height: 172.8 in./ 70.1 in./ 43.3 in.

Wheelbase: 98.6 in.

Base Price: US$21,000

Current Value: US$1,039,500 (Bonhams)

Anyone familiar with classic Lamborghinis will easily recognize one at the opening salvo of the original 1969 British film, The Italian Job starred by the iconic Michael Caine. There was a 2003 remake though, but it didn’t come close in sporting the classic Lambos featured in the first.

We’re talking about the Lamborghini Miura featured on the first four minutes of the film. In this scene, the Miura can be seen coasting serenely through the Italian Alps. As it traverses thru a tunnel, it suddenly crashes and explodes. A bulldozer pulls the remains of the Miura from the wreckage, and casually dumps them along the mountain side and down to the river. Oh yes, the filmmakers were bent in actually destroying a Miura for the sake of the film (they have probably no idea of its value by today’s standards), but if you’ll notice carefully on the part when the Miura rolls down from the mountain side, the car is already missing an engine. As it turned out, it was a total wreck already.

With only less than 12,000 miles on its odometer, the real non-wreck Miura is actually safe and sound at the garage of Cheshire Classic Cars, a classic car reseller based in the UK. What makes this Lamborghini Muria LP400 more interesting is that it’s one of only three cars finished in 1968. It’s up for sale, but the price was undisclosed. Well, we can only surmise that its cost will really require an Italian Job anytime soon. Watch this video clip from the movie to see how this Muria stands out.

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