Heart-Warming Story Of A Man’s Last Wish


Tim Adriany, from North Carolina couldn’t drive anymore. Cancer had spread through his body and he was told by the doctor that his life on this earth was coming to an end. Tim’s last wish was to ride in a classic muscle car.

After confiding his wish to his neighbour and good friend Jo Coe, Jo knew that she had to make his last wish come true.

Coe then reached out to to the local newspaper to help her see if they could fulfil his last dying wish. Through the power of social media, the word quickly spread. On August 20th 125 classic cars drove up outside Adriany’s house.

Adriany was overwhelmed with the response, he couldn’t believe that a community he was part of for just over a year came out to support him like this.

Adriany loved each and every one of those classic cars that drove out to him that day. He gathered immense strength to sit and be driven in many of the 125 cars that came along that day.

Sadly Tim Adriany passed away a little over a month later on September 26th. May he rest in peace.

The event was so popular they couldn’t fit all of the cars in Coe and Adriany’s driveways. They instead paraded the antique automobiles by Adriany’s house and gave him a ride to the local ballpark where the rest of the cars were displayed. Unfortunately, not one El Camino could make it that day due to mechanical issues. (He did get his El Camino ride a few days later, however, when owners of a 1984, a 1970 and a 1971 model were all able to fulfill his dream.)

In total, Coe said 126 classic cars and one motorcycle attracted 300 people from the surrounding communities – up to 100 miles away. And get this: Adriany only lived in the community around a year and a half.

When asked to describe the look on Adriany’s face when he saw the cars that Thursday, Coe said she couldn’t. It’s unexplainable. He could hardly believe it was all in his honor.

“That day was awesome,” Adriany told I Am Second. “It was a total surprise. I had no idea that that was going to happen.”

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