Why This 1934 Ford Is Too Perfect To Drive

1934 Ford


Name: 1934 Ford Model Coupe

Year Produced: 1933-1934

Number Built: 28,492

Class: Luxury Car

Body Type: 2-door, 3-window coupe

Engine: V8 3622 cc | 221.0 cu in. | 3.6 L. 90-degree

Power: 85 hp @ 3800 RPM

0-60mph: (?)

Top Speed: (?)

Transmission: 3-speed manual

Length/width/height: 147 in/57 in/63 in

Wheelbase: 112 in.

Base Price: US$555

Current Value: US$49,000

Ross Blewett has painstakingly spent nearly 30 years restoring a 1934 Ford Coupe after he bought hundreds of parts that were separated into loads of different boxes. How did this happen? Alyn Edwards of driving.ca shared the story of Ross Blewett’s daunting restoration project. According to Edwards, “Ross was attending the 1987 Vintage Car Club of Canada’s Easter Parade which started at Vancouver’s Oakridge Shopping Centre when he was approached by a stranger saying his father had a 1934 Ford three-window coupe that he wanted to sell. It turned out the car had been completely disassembled with the body separated from the frame and the hundreds of parts stored in boxes.” Ross did not mind paying the hefty price of US$10,000 to have the car of his dreams. After all, “I like Fords”, he says.

Remarkably, all of the parts and pieces of the car came with the purchase while the body itself is exceptionally preserved. After the deal has been closed however, Ross needed to make four trips using his pickup truck from Chilliwack to his home in Coquitlam to get all the disassembled parts of the 1934 Ford.

With the help and encouragement of fellow members in his Early Ford V8 Club, particularly from Cliff Haler who he himself restored a similar 1934 3-window coupe, the project was completed after 27 years. After such gruelling work, it is perfectly understandable if Ross would be desperate to drive this classic car. Well, it didn’t turned out to be like that. Ross doesn’t want to drive it. He feels that it is now too perfect (it does look stunning) and only wants to take it to a few shows round the country.

Though probably Ross will not eventually drive his perfectly restored classic, at least we’ll hopefully get to see it soon.

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