Crazy Reason This Man Refuses To Drive His 1977 Lincoln



Name: 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V

Year Produced: 1977-1979

Number Built: 80,321

Class: Full-size luxury car

Body Type: 2-door coupe

Engine: 8-cyl. 400cid/179hp 2bbl

Power: 179 hp @ 4000 RPM

0-60mph: 12.6 seconds

Top Speed: 111 mph

Transmission: 3-speed automatic

Length/width/height: 230.3 in/79.7 in/52.9 in

Wheelbase: 120.4 in.

Base Price: US$11,396

Current Value: (?)- not $95,000!!

Why would you not drive a 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V?

Well Murray Mitchell has decided that he is better off paying for storage rather than drive this classic car. So far Murray has spent over $95,000 storing his 1977 Lincoln Continental Mark V since driving it only 5,587 kilometres in the first year of ownership. The Lincoln has spent the majority of its entire life in storage. So why has he done this?

Murray declared “After some time, I didn’t want to put any miles on the car because it may be the lowest mileage Continental of that year in existence.” To be more precise, Murray has owned his car for a total of 456 months, has stored it for 444 months at an average cost of US$200. Doing the math, that means he spent US$88,800 for storage rental alone not including the cost of maintenance. With such rising costs for the car’s storage, Murray is now considering of finding his Lincoln a new owner. The only question is if he can sell his classic for more than its storage and maintenance cost. A similar 1977 Lincoln with an even lower mileage was sold for only US$28,000.

What do you make of this?

Meanwhile, Hagerty gives this brief overview of the Lincoln Mark V, considering this as the epitome of automotive luxury of its time:

“Following on the great strengths of the Continental Mk III and Mk IV, Lincoln introduced the 1977 Continental Mk V as an evolution of its predecessors. The new car had a more squared-off appearance, but several styling characteristics carried over: concealed headlights, turn signals incorporated into the leading edge of the front fenders, an upright chrome grille, the trademark hump across the edge of the trunklid, and the oval “opera windows” in the C-pillars… The Mk V marked the apex of Lincoln luxury and engineering, as subsequent cars became victims of stricter federal requirements, badge engineering, and shifting buying habits”.

In case you haven’t notice, this Lincoln Continental was also featured in several highly rated TV shows in the 70s such as Dallas, Starsky and Hutch, Knots Landing, and CHIPS.

With such history behind this classic, we surely hope that Murray will have a run for his money.

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