Was This 1963 Ferrari Ruined Or Upgraded??

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Name: 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE

Year Produced: 1960-1964

Number Built: 305

Class: Sports Car

Body Type: 2-door fastback coupe

Engine: Ferrari Colombo V12

Power: 237 hp @ 7000 RPM

0-60mph: 7.5 seconds

Top Speed: 143 mph

Transmission: 5-speed manual

Length/width/height: 185 in/ 67.3 in/ 52.8 in)

Wheelbase: 102.4 in.

Base Price: US$11,500

Current Value: US$38,000,000

Some of you will be furious, others will say who cares? So what did this Californian man do that was so disrespectful to this classic Italian beauty?

Others might call him crazy, and some die-hard fans of the Italian steed might even prophesy that he his is the embodiment of pure automotive evil. However, he didn’t let the waves of popular opinion stop him from bastardizing a car from the heavens. So Joe Alessandrino had an opportunity to buy a scrapped shell of a 1963 250 GTE, he built himself a custom-from-the-ground-up Chevy-powered Joerrari.

Max Maddox of roadheadsmedia.com describes in a nutshell how Joe came up with his contraption. “(He) constructed the chassis, which sits nicely on a racing-spec coilover setup. He dropped in a Chevy DZ 302 from a 69 Z/28 Camaro, a Tremec six-speed tranny from a Viper, and a Ford 9″ rear end. Oh, and it wears a paint code from Mitsubishi.”

On the other hand, the Ferrari’s 250 platform has gain a following. Manufactured from 1953 to 1964, several variants of the model were offered, the most famous being the GTO. In fact, the most expensive car auction to date was a 1962 GTO that sold for $38,000,000.

So what do you think? Is this a no-no or is he just being creative? Watch the video and judge for yourself. For the meantime check out below the real-deal specs of the 1963 Ferrari 250 GTE.

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