5 Pre-War Stunning Cars Found In A Barn

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Can you believe that these 5 pre world war 2 vehicles were just sat in a barn for forty years. Watch the video below to see these stunning classic cars which were.

1908 REO Model G Boattail Roadster/Sedan Tonneau

1923 Milburn Electric Model 27L

1932 Cadillac 370B V-12 Victoria Convertible

1933 Cadillac Model 370C V-12 Town Coupe

1938 Cadillac Series 90 V-16 Fleetwood Limousine

Although it wasn’t exactly barn find in the strictest sense of the word, owner Jack Kosmatka never lost track of what he had in his barn. The collection could fetch an estimated price of over $700,000 at auction since all cars were built during the pre-WWII and beautifully preserved until today.

Of the five, the Cadillac Victoria Convertible is expected to sell for the highest at $350,000 or more, owing to the fact that it was one of only four prototypes built in 1932. As the first one built, it is the only one of the four that features a V-12 engine instead of the famous Cadillac V-16. The Town Coupe is another rare find since this is one of only 952 built and designed by Corvette legend Harley Earl, and has all of its original running gear still running even after almost a half a century of slumber. This gorgeous coupe is expected to fetch as much as $75,000. The final of the three Cadillacs, the V-16 Limousine, owned by the Wrigley family, that right, they’re the chewing gum magnates and longtime owners of the Chicago Cubs. Both of these cars are expected to sell for between $45,000 and $75,000 as well.

While Jack struggled to let the cars go (he’s still holding on to two models from the collection), by getting them back on the road with Motostalgia’s help, he’s fulfilling one of his ultimate dreams.

“With a barn find such as this, it’s like time stopped. The cars haven’t changed, they’re just getting older,” said Motostalgia chariman and founder Antonio Brunet. “They’re just as they were when they were put away, right down to the smell. It’s incredible.”

Watch the video above from Hagerty and take a look on some of these stunning vintage cars.