Would You Let 4,000 Classic Cars Waste Away? This Guy Did


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Picture this: a 1970 Dodge Challenger crumbling into bits of rust, a ’67 GTO clad in intertwined vines and weeds, thick tree trunks growing through a 1937 Chrysler’s windshield. It’s the kind of image that makes you want to shell out your retirement money so you can take the cars home and restore them to their former glory.

This is exactly what you’ll find in Old Car City. But instead of three classic cars fighting for your attention in all their abandoned splendour, there are 4,000.


Over 80 years of letting cars wither

Located in a forest in north Georgia, 32 acres of land is home to Walter Dean Lewis’ Old Car City. A venture that started in 1931, more than 4,000 vintage cars are currently in the junkyard museum.

Formerly a general store that Lewis’ parents put up, their family decided to additionally sell auto parts and put in a scrapyard business. By the time his folks quit the junk business, Dean took over. At that point, several ‘40s cars were still lazing around in the forest. This collection expanded so much with Dean’s subsequent car purchases from auctions and recycling yards.


A store-turned-exhibit like no other

Eventually, Dean realised that turning the selling business into a museum would be more profitable. The whole process of collecting vintage cars felt more like an art project than an operational salvage yard, anyway. And with that, Old Car City was born.

Charging $15 for regular visitors and $25 for visiting photographers, the automotive adventure land is surely hard to miss for car lovers and photographers. With a vast array of car brands and models pleasingly intermingled with the rich soil and lush greenery, one is sure to find a car or two that will strike his inner car buff chords.

Of course, you may feel disappointed and melancholic over all the wasted metal machinery. But for the most part, the scenery is rather peaceful and inspiring.


A vintage car heaven in White, Georgia

So if you find yourself in wandering in Georgia, don’t miss the chance to see Old Car City for yourself. Just don’t forget to come in comfy walking shoes and carry some bug spray. Have with you lots of storage space in your camera, too.y



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