Aston Martin DB5



Name: Aston Martin DB5

Year Produced: 1963-1965

Number Built: 1,023

Class: Grand Tourer

Body Type: 2-door 2+2 coupe

Engine: 3,995 cc Tadek Marek I6

Power: 282 bhp

RPM: 5500

0-60mph: 8.1 seconds

Top Speed: 142 mph

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Length/width/height: 180 in/66 in/53 in

Wheelbase: 98 in

Valued at: US$2.14 million on a public auction (Bonhams)

sean connery aston martin

What does James Bond drive? An Aston Martin, of course. That the first of Ian Fleming’s Bond books actually featured a Bentley is really of no consequence, as is the fact that the 24-film franchise has had the spy in everything from an AMC Hornet to a Toyota 2000GT. James Bond drives an Aston Martin, and it became the iconic spy’s trademark of class and sophistication. Indeed, the DB5 is a good car even genuinely great you might say on a Sunday afternoon drive. But it can hardly be said as a landmark driver’s car. Frankly speaking, its appeal lies somewhere else.

Andrew Frankel of Telegraph Cars did a test drive on this Aston Martion. Sharing his experience with this classic spy vehicle, he says, “The DB5 is not and was never intended to be a sports car. Like the DB4 that preceded it, the DB5 was part of a new generation of softer, more user-friendly Aston Martins. The larger, flabbier DB6 that replaced it extended the approach still further.”

The Aston Martin may not be the racer’s choice, but its 4.0-litre, six-cylinder, twin cam engine shows an exquisitely profound and cultured hum. The DB5 does not encourage the racer in you to drive fast. Frankel added, “The DB5 is so quiet, comfortable and relaxing it’s no surprise that Aston Martin never considered making a racing version; it’s just not that kind of car.”

On the average, the DB5 is a fast car nonetheless, capable of over 140mph. However, it is not primarily designed with circuit level speeds in mind. In conclusion, Frankel admitted that “The DB5 is at least as much about the car as art, as a fashion statement and an expression of taste, as a device simply to take you from one place to the next.”


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