The Carbon Fiber 65 Mustang

Carbon Fiber Mustang


Name: 1965 Carbon Fiber Mustang “Espionage”

Year Produced: 1964-1965

Number Built: 1

Color: Spygreen

Class: Muscle Car

Body Type: 2 door coupe

Engine: 427C.I. LS7 959HP 858 Torque

Power: 959 hp

Transmission: 6-speed manual

Length/width/height: 181.6 in/72.2 in/51.1 in

Wheel size: 18” X 11” in.


Have you heard of the RingBrothers? If you have then you’ll like what you’re about to read and if you haven’t welcome to the world of the RingBrothers!

In the past few months the RingBrothers have been commissioned to develop an off the wall car for a mysterious Russian client living in London who they have never met or spoken to!

The car they have developed has a seemingly appropriate name “Espionage”. The car is a classic, a 1965 Ford Mustang that has a carbon fiber body!

“We think a lot of younger people will be into it because they like carbon fiber and will become attracted to the older body styles,” said Mike Ring.

Jim Ring further added “It forces us to try and do different things. The use of carbon fiber is really coming in strong and we think it is a big piece of the automotive future.”

The only difference in this car compared to the original 1965 Mustang is that it’s 4 inches wider. “We put two inches into each side, in the fenders, doors, and so instead of ‘just’ making a carbon fiber Mustang, we made it even more unique.”

Asked why the name of Espionage for the car, Mike Ring commented that “We call the car Espionage because we are kind of hiding all the carbon.”

Clearly a lot of classic fans would not be too happy with the modifications that have been done to the car. However the RingBrothers say they want to be “rebels, and do things differently to get noticed, good or bad.”

As a young builder in the industry I think it is important to remember not to worry what everyone else thinks. It’s important to remember that and color outside the lines a little bit to get noticed.

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Photos by Hans Marquez

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