The Best British Car Is…

Best British Car


Name: Jaguar E-Type 4.2

Year Produced: 1964-1970

Number Built: 7,772

Body Type: 2-seater fixed head coupe

Engine: 6 cylinder 4235cc dohc

Power: 265 bhp @ 5400 rpm

Torque: 283lb ft @ 4000 rpm

0-60mph: 7.0 seconds

Top Speed: 151 mph

Fuel Consumption: 17 mpg

Transmission: 4-speed manual

Length/width: 14 ft.,7in / 5ft.,5in

Wheel base: 105in.

Valued at: US$185,000 (Concours)


At the Classic Car and Sports Show on Friday 30th October, the Best British car was unveiled. Not surprisingly the The Jaguar E-type was voted by the general public the greatest British car ever made.

A list of the top 10 cars was compiled by a jury made of well known faces in the car industry such as the McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray and Lotus head of design Russell Carr. Their definition of what they deemed to be the best 10 cars was left to their own interpretation.

The top 10 list included the likes of the Mini, Bentley Speed Six, Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost, Range Rover and a Jaguar XKSS.

Lead singer Mark Knopfler from the band Dire Straits who was a member of the voting jury deciding what cars should make the top list said, “The E-type is the most beautiful car ever made, and that’s according to Enzo Ferrari. For me the best is the Series 1 4.2-litre, that is as nice as the E-type got.

In 1961 at the Geneva Motor Show the Jaguar E-type car, known in the U.S. as the XK-E was officially unveiled. It was an immediate smash hit.

James Elliott, Classic & Sports Car magazine group editor said, “The E-type has it all, looks to stop traffic even today and a driving experience that has stood the test of time. More importantly than that, though, was that at the time you could not have bought more style and performance for the price. It is a car that seduces young and old, and is a very worthy winner and rightly the Best British Car Ever.

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